10 Android-powered Products You’ve Never Heard Of

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Combine the power of open source with resources from tech giant Google and you get a mobile platform unrivaled in features and breadth of functionality. Android is a platform that keeps amazing us everyday—the following are 10 Android-powered products you’ve likely never heard of.

1. MAID Oven

Source: maidoven.com.
Source: maidoven.com.

MAID (Make All Incredible Dishes) is a smart kitchen assistant & multifunctional oven that knows every recipe and is capable of cooking any dish. MAID was crowdfunded on Kickstarter and met the project goal of $50,000 in just five days. With access to an unlimited number of recipes, MAID was created to make cooking simple, social and fun. MAID is an Android integrated device and—just like its smartphone counterparts—can be updated over the air.

2. Samsung T9000 Refrigerator

Source: Samsung.com.
Source: samsung.com.

If you’re still in awe of the MAID Android-powered oven, this Android-powered refrigerator is sure to amaze you. Samsung launched its 32 cubic-feet (906-liter), four-door T9000 model refrigerator at CES 2013. The unit  comes with a 10.1 inch tablet sized LCD touch screen that connects to your home’s internet via WiFi,and also  features preloaded apps and services such as Epicurious, Google calendar integration, weather reporting, AP news, Twitter client, and Evernote, which allows users to share recipes with friends and family.

3. Android Auto

Source: android.com.

Android Auto is Google’s own Android-powered in-car entertainment system platform. Announced at Google I/O 2014,Android Auto is designed to work with Android phones running version 5.0 (Lollipop) of the OS or higher. It comes with a simple and intuitive interface, integrated steering wheel controls, and powerful new voice actions designed to minimize distraction for staying  focused on the road.

Though currently  limited in functionality, Android Auto has remarkable future potential—especially in an future ecosystem of self-driving cars.

4. Android-Powered Digital Cameras

Source: cnet.com.
Source: cnet.com.

Traditional photographic film camera pioneer Eastman Kodak could have never anticipated what digital technologies are capable of these days. After Samsung announced its first android powered Galaxy Camera in August 2012, a flurry of competitors brought to market their own Android cameras; The Polaroid iM1836, Nikon CoolPix S800c and Light L16 are a few worthy contenders, among others.

5. ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector

Source: TechVideo / YouTube.com
Source: techvideo / YouTube.com

The ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector is an Android-powered portable projector that features a 5” touchscreen and a 4G LTE connection. Traveling cinephiles are sure to find it indispensable for backyard movie nights,presentations, or simply hotel room use.

6. Android TV

Source: Android.com.
Source: android.com.

Android continues to pervade all corners of your living room with the most powerful offerings focused around the centerpiece: your television set. Android TV delivers a world of content, apps and games to your living room,including movies, live sports, streaming apps and multiplayer games—all of which can be experienced from the comfort of your couch. With Android TV  you have the best of your mobile device and the world’s largest app ecosystem connected to your TV.

7. RCA Internet Music System

Source: rcaav.com.
Source: rcaav.com.

The RCA Internet Music System is a home audio system with stereo 20W speakers, an integrated CD player, support for FM Radio, and connectivity to your phone, tablet, laptop, or other Bluetooth device. Additionally,  when used with a Google-certified Android tablet, you can fill the room with your favorite songs from the Google Play Store Pandora, Spotify, your own library, and much more.

8. Android-Powered Coffee Machine

Source: CoffeeGeek/YouTube.com.
Source: coffeegeek/YouTube.com.

Alpha Dominche’s Steampunk coffee machine will no doubt be cause for celebration for the most hardcore coffee aficionados. Steampunk is controlled via a connected Nexus 7 tablet running Google’s Android OS and a custom Android app called MicherApp.

9. Android Desk Phone

Source: pcmag.com.
Source: pcmag.com.

What’s cooler than an Android smartphone? An Android-powered desk phone, of course! Yes, you read it correctly:, there are some traditional desk phones available on the market that are powered by Android. This is a boon for consumers and business users wishing to take advantage of the million of apps available on Google play from their desk phones.

10. Android-Controlled Toilet Seat

Source: tokyotimes.com.
Source: tokyotimes.com.

Satis is not exactly Android “powered,” but it is app-controlled via a special Android device. The app offers health benefits as well:its calendar feature lets users keep a running journal of their daily habits. Perhaps the best feature of all is its proximity-sensing feature: the toilet can sense your Bluetooth connection as you’re approaching and will adjust water pressure and other settings accordingly.



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