Dropbox Drops Amazon Web Services in Favor of Building Its Own Cloud

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Popular cloud storage provider DropBox has decided to drop Amazon Web Services (AWS), opting instead to build its own cloud infrastructure from the ground up. The firm announced the drastic move in a blog post this week, citing size/growth and control as the two main factors driving the decision. DropBox’s VP of Infrastructure Akhil Gupta was the principal decision maker behind the move away from AWS.

Akhil Gupta, VP of Infrastructure, DropBox. Source: blog.dropbox.com.
Akhil Gupta, VP of Infrastructure, DropBox. Source: blog.dropbox.com.

“The scale that we’re operating on is one that very few other companies will get to,” Gupta said. “By optimizing the stack and customizing the infrastructure to our use case, we were able to provide a key differentiator in the market and a key value to our users.”

Source: officesnapshots.com.
DropBox headquarters. Source: officesnapshots.com.

Indeed, the company’s growth trajectory justifies building its own infrastructure. At the FORBES CIO Summit in Half Moon Bay, Calif., DropBox COO Dennis Woodside stated that Dropbox now has 500 million users, up from 400 million in the middle of last year.



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