Top 10 Music Artists That Also Have a Hand in Successful Tech Startups

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These chart-topping artists serve to illustrate that entrepreneurship is industry-agnostic; from music production startups to streaming platforms, the following companies are the works of music moguls who have managed to translate their success on the billboard charts to the technology arena.

10. Snoop Dogg / Reddit

Source: Gergely Csatari / Wikimedia Commons.
Source: Gergely Csatari / Wikimedia Commons.

Reddit is a blog-­style website that displays content based on user preferences and popularity. In September 2014 it was announced that Snoop Dogg had joined other investors and helped pull together a total of $50 million in a financing round for the platform.Snoop also drove traffic to the website by participating in “Ask Me Anything” posts under his username Here_Comes_The_King.

9. Justin Timberlake / MySpace

Source: Michael Albov / Wikipedia Commons.
Source: Michael Albov / Wikimedia Commons.

In its original form, Myspace was a customizable social media network that gained popularity in the mid­-2000s. By 2009 the website was starting to fall by the wayside while other social media platforms were surging in popularity. Despite this, Justin Timberlake invested $35 million to reinvent the struggling musict community and platform in 2011

In 2011, MySpace was acquired by Specific Media.

8. Bruno Mars / Chromatik

Source: Brothers Le / Flickr Creative Commons.
Source: Brothers Le / Flickr Creative Commons.

Chromatik is a website where musicians can share and play the music they love. Once an account is created, users are able to access a huge catalog of sheet music. It comes as no surprise that the Grenade singer was on board for this.

Mars is one of 20 investors that collectively contributed $4 million to the second round of funding.

7. Lady Gaga / The Backplane /


Backplane’s mission is to create an authentic social media platform. The main focus is on communities of users with specific interests. The very first community built was Gaga’s “Little Monsters,” which now  has roughly one million users.

Lady Gaga got involved early on in the company’s inception, back in 2011. The first funding round brought $1.8 million to the project.

6. Jay ­Z /­ Tidal

Source: Daniele Dalledonne / Flickr Creative Commons.
Source: Daniele Dalledonne / Flickr Creative Commons.

Released in 2014, Tidal is a streaming service that combines audio, video, and editorial content.  One of the largest factors driving its success is the amount of support that artists give to the platform, with notables like Beyonce, Kayne West, and Calvin Harris involved with the company.

The service has collected more than 650K in funds and is sure to blossom into a formidable streaming contender in 2016.

5. Bono / Yelp

Source: Utenriksdepartementet UD / Flickr Creative Commons.
Source: Utenriksdepartementet UD / Flickr Creative Commons.

Yelp is an online guide for consumers to find highly-rated businesses in their area. The website is one of the most popular resources for local ratings and reviews.

Bono’s investment company Elevation Partners was involved in the company’s series E funding,which brought more than $25 million  to help boost Yelp’s popularity.

4. MC Hammer ­/ Square

Source: Lisa Padilla / Flickr Creative Commons.
Source: Lisa Padilla / Flickr Creative Commons.

Square is an app and mobile payment service started in 2009. The app and device is popular among freelance workers and small business owners, despite being met met with skepticism initially; in fact, Square is now part of the usual day-to-day routinesof businesses worldwide.

While the amount MC Hammer invested in Square undisclosed, the music mogul is no stranger to to the investment world. To date, he has invested in more than eight technology companies.

3. Nas / ­ Coinbase

Source: Wikimedia Commons.
Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Nas called the right side of the coin with this one. Coinbase allows users to transfer and use the popular digital currency Bitcoin. To get started, all users need to do is sign up and connect their bank account to their coinbase wallet.

Nas stepped up to this project in 2013 during series B funding, which ultimately saw $25 million invested.

2. Selena Gomez ­/ Postcard on the Run

Source: friskytuna / Flickr Creative Commons.
Source: friskytuna / Flickr Creative Commons.

Postcard on the Run is a photo sharing application for mobile users. The service allows photos to be turned into digital postcards. The app allows for allows  extensive personalization, to include signatures, geotagging, and more.

Gomez got involved in the last round of funding in 2012, bringing her investments in the company—along with  six others — to 1.3 million.

1. Justin Bieber / Spotify

Source: Pascal Parvex / Wikimedia Commons.

Spotify is of course one of the most popular streaming services online. Since its launch in 2008, it is now become a widespread music platform used by artists and fans alike. Playlist sharing, access to exclusives, and song sharing with friends are just a few of the platform’s popular features. features. Spotify has not specifically spoken about Bieber’s involvement, but it’s estimated that 250K was invested in the service.

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