Medic Mobile Secures $1 Million Grant To Bring Healthcare to the Underprivileged

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If your dream of attaining millions for your project conflicts with a higher level humanitarian calling, rest assured that you can indeed have your startup cake and share it, too. Tech non-profit Medic Mobile just secured a $1 million grant from Palo Alto-based Peery Foundation, a 4013c aimed at delivering high impact philanthropy initiatives.


Medic Mobile develops mobile and web tools that help health workers perform functions in the field like registering pregnancies, tracking disease outbreaks, keeping stock of medicines, and communicating about emergencies, among others. According to Medic Mobile’s founder Josh Nesbit, currently about 10,000 health workers are using its apps in developing nations to streamline their daily tasks.

Source: TakePart /
Medic Mobile founder Joshua Nesbit. Source: TakePart /

The app gives health workers task lists and diagnostic information for accurately assessing and treating patients on-the-spot. A notable characteristic of Medic Mobile’s free apps is that they are designed to be lightweight for use on the inexpensive smartphones typically issued by NGO and government health offices. Medic Mobile distributes its apps via one-click downloads or through parallel sim cards that snap into mobile phones.



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