13 Mexican Tech Startups You Need to Know About in 2016

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The Mexican technology sector has been rapidly expanding over the past few years, with startups to thank for much of this growth. Spurred by the country’s rapidly growing startup ecosystem, Mexican technology startups are building products and services that go head-to-head with the best from Silicon Valley.

Tech entrepreneurs are to be found all across Mexico, not just in Distrito Federal. For example, Jalisco is home to an emerging software industry while Puebla and Monterrey host various ecotech, fintech, and medical/healthcare startups. The following are 13 Mexican startups to watch out for in 2016.

1. Parkimovil

Source: itunes.apple.com.
Source: itunes.apple.com.

CEO: Carlos Anaya

This Mexican startup has developed a platform that replaces the traditional parking meter. The app lets you search for spots in your area, park, and pay with a credit/debit card—all on your mobile device.

2. Bright

Bright's Jonah Greenburger. Source: Platzi Team / YouTube.com.
Bright’s Jonah Greenburger. Source: Platzi Team / YouTube.com.

CEO: Jonah Greenberger

Bright is a company that seeks to provide solar energy via a subscription-based service. Installation is free and comes with software that enables 24/7 monitoring for quick remediation of issues.

3. Kubo.financiero

Source: kubofinanciero.com.

CEO: Vicente Fenoll

Kubo.financiero is a Mexico City-based microfinance institution that offers an online peer-to-peer lending platform for connecting regional lenders with borrowers. By bypassing traditional lending institutions, Kubo users are able to access more attractive interest rates for their loans.

4. Naranya

Source: naranya.com.
Source: naranya.com.

CEO: Arturo Glaván

Naranya is a developer of  mobile apps and solutions for mid-range smartphones. Their capabilities range from games and advertising platforms to creative marketing and promotional content.

5. Yogome

Source: yogome.com.
Source: yogome.com.

CEO: Manolo Díaz

Yogome is a startup focused on the design and commercialization of themed educational games, specifically—educational tablet and mobile games for kids ages 4 -10.

6. Petsy

Source: petsy.com.
Source: petsy.mx.

CEO: Pablo Pedregón García

Petsy is an online retailer for all things pet-related—from dogs and cats to birds and reptiles, the website delivers supplies and merchandise for most every kind of pet straight to your door.

7. Descifra

Source: descifra.mx.
Source: descifra.mx.

CEO:  Roxana Chávez.

Descifra is a big data analytics firm that uses location-based intelligence to analyze and investigate social and economic behavior for better strategic decision-making.

8. Linko

Source: linko.mx.
Source: linko.mx.

CEO: Gonzalo Abascal

Linko is an IT consultancy and software developer that aims to improve the customer experiences provided by financial institutions, thereby improving relationships and driving more sales.

9. Kueski

Source: kueski.com.
Source: kueski.com.

CEO: Adalberto Flores

Guadalajara-based Kueski is the leading online lending company in Mexico. They offer real-time, micro loans to Mexican consumers in 29 minutes or less.

10. Clip

Source: clip.mx.
Source: clip.mx.

CEO: Adolfo Babatz.

Clip transforms your smartphone into a POS terminal—similar to the popular Square offering in the United States.

11. Carrot

Source: carrot.mx.
Source: carrot.mx.

CEO: Diego Solorzano

Carrot is a Mexican carsharing platform that allows users to easily rent a car for an hour up to several days. Its vehicles are dispersed all over Mexico City; to access a desired vehicle, you simply use the keycard provided to you when signing up for the service.

12. Kichink

Source: kichink.mx.
Source: kichink.mx.

CEO: Claudio del Conde

Kichink is an ecommerce platform that enables you to easily start selling products and services online. The platform purportedly is in use by over 30,000 merchants in Mexico and beyond.

13. Intangible

Source: intangible.mx.
Source: intangible.mx.

CEO: Federico Casa

Intangible is an IT lab that helps companies evaluate, develop, and launch technology-based projects.

These 13 promising upstarts are just a few examples of companies making a name for Mexico when it comes to global technological innovation. With local accelerators like 500 Mexico City and Startup Mexico supporting local entrepreneurs with funding and other resources, the region is sure to see continued innovation in the months and years ahead.



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