13 Tech Startups from New Zealand to Watch Out for in 2016

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Cities like Wellington and Auckland may not come to mind initially when it comes to technology, but make no mistake—New Zealand is fast becoming one of the hottest tech startup hubs in the Asia-pacific (APAC) region.

Kiwi upstarts began by addressing a need in mobile development, but have since branched out into a myriad of products and solutions serving a wide range of industries and institutions. The following are 13 to watch for in 2016.


Source: stqry.com.
Source: stqry.com.

STQRY—pronounced “story”—has developed a iOS/Android platform for museums, exhibitions, and art galleries for enhancing the visitor experience. The app enables searches on local art and culture related items and services as an interpretive guide at the locale.

12. Rock.ai

Source: rock.ai

Rock.ai has developed a platform for building native apps for iOs, Android, web/desktop, APIs, even specialized devices like Samsung smart television—all without code.

11. L2VR

Source: L2vr.com.
Source: l2vr.com.

L2VR is a virtual reality camera manufacturer developing gigapixel per second cameras for virtual reality filmmaking.

10. GeoOp

Source: Geoop.com.
Source: geoop.com.

GeoOp is a job management app that automates timekeeping and enables collaboration between offices and employees based in the field.

9. Vend

Source: vendhq.com.
Source: vendhq.com.

Vend is an iOS/Mac/PC-based point-of-sale management system. The solution works online and off, capturing transactions and reconciling them once an internet connection becomes available.

8. Dexibit

Source: Dexibit.com.
Source: dexibit.com.

Dexibit has developed a software/hardware for arts-related visitor analytics. Museums can use the platform to gauge which exhibits have garnered the most visits, among other statistics.

7. Xero

Source: Xero.com.
Source: xero.com.

Xero has created an easy-to-use online accounting platform for small businesses. Notable features include professional recurring invoice creation and advanced notifications/updates. The app is available on the desktop as well as on iOS/Android devices.

6. Gelato.io

Source: Gelato.io.
Source: gelato.io.

These days a software product’s longevity is directly related to how easily it can be extended by customers and 3rd parties. To this end, Gelato.io is a developer-centric offering that streamlines the creation API documentation and developer portals.

5. Reyedr

Source: Reyedr.com.
Source: reyedr.com.

The Reyedr heads-up display (HUD) delivers a safer and smarter ride experience by presenting useful ride data at the eye level. The helmet-mounted HUD displays speed, navigation, time, and other information. Additionally, the app provides quick access to emergency contacts if the need arises.

4. WayWiser

Source: Waywiser.co.nz.
Source: waywiser.co.nz.

WayWiser is an app for outdoor recreation enthusiasts to discover the great outdoors without the assistance of a commercial tour guide.

3. SimpleAs

Source: simpleas.com.

SimpleAs is an order management platform designed for connecting manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. The system allows you to manage orders and share product availability and pricing data with customers.

2. Booktrack

Source: BookTrack.com.
Source: booktrack.com.

Booktrack is changing the way people read, write and publish their stories. Its content creation and distribution platform makes it easy to add a synchronized movie-style soundtrack to an ebook or other text-based digital content.

1. YQ

Source: Yq.co.nz.
Source: yq.co.nz.

YQ is a mobile app that allows customers to order/pay with a single tap at a myriad of restaurants and eateries, earning rewards and saving time along the way. The app has become one of New Zealand’s leading mobile food ordering solution.

For tech entrepreneurs, perfect climate and the great outdoors may soon just be extra perks of relocating to this Oceania metropolis. These 13 upstarts represent a groundswell of New Zealand-based tech innovation that’s giving Silicon Valley a run for its money.



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