10 Tech Startups from Istanbul You Need to Know About in 2016

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Rich in history and culture, Turkey—straddling Eastern Europe and Western Asia—has been a confluence of unique ideas and innovations for millennia. Though Ankara is Turkey’s capital, Istanbul is the largest city and serves as the main hub for the country’s business activities.

In the face of geopolitical turmoil, stringent Internet regulations, and a shortage of funding, Turkish startup entrepreneurs remain optimistic as the market continues to develop and mature. The following are 10 tech startups from Istanbul you need to know about in 2016.

10. YOYO

Source: driveyoyo.com.

Yoyo is a car sharing program that allows users to rent cars by the hour with a membership card or app—no keys, no paperwork, no waiting line. Vehicles are located in public, easy-to-access areas.

9. Joyfoodz

Source: joyfoodz.com.
Source: joyfoodz.com.

Joyfoodz has developed a healthy snack subscription service that helps customers snack in a disciplined, balanced, and healthier manner. The offering is ideal for the Turkish market as obesity and related health issues are a growing concern in the region; in fact, as it stands roughly 30% of the Turkish population overweight.

8. HotelRunner

Source: hotelrunner.com.

HotelRunner is a cloud-based digital marketing and sales platform for hotels and travel agencies. The platform essentially helps hotels digitize their processes and records and automate inventory distribution, maximizes direct channel revenues, and boosts profit margins.

7. Netmera

Source: netmera.com.
Source: netmera.com.

Netmera is a mobile engagement platform for building stronger relationships between your apps and users. It features communication and engagement tools like push notifications and pop-up messages, as well as targeting tools for analyzing user behaviors and preference tagging.

6. Armut

Source: armut.com.

Armut’s free service helps consumers obtain quotes from qualified local services professionals without having to go through directories or make phone calls. Its proprietary matching technology has achieved a 95% customer satisfaction rating in the notoriously tough service sector, as measured customer reviews.

5. Matia Robotics

Source: matiarobotics.com.

Matia Robotics develops robotic mobilization devices for people with walking disabilities. Its Tek Robotic Mobilization Device is not a wheelchair alternative, but rather an innovative mobility platform that completely re-imagines mobility for individuals with paraplegia and other walking disabilities. The solution allows them to independently and safely sit, stand, and navigate environments that were once inaccessible.

4. Do

Source: do.com.
Source: do.com.

Do is meeting management app that allows you to easily view and manage your day’s schedule and all its constituents: meetings, participants, and related information. Users can set an agenda, share it with co-workers, upload files, take private notes, and more.

3. FineDine Menu

Source: finedinemenu.com.
Source: finedinemenu.com.

FineDine Menu has developed a tablet menu system for restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels. Its digital interactive menu solution can be branded and used in restaurant, replacing conventional paper-printed menus.

2. Likely

Source: likely-app.com.
Source: likely-app.com.

Likely is a so-called venue recommendation engine that monitors you and your friends’ activity on social  networks, learns your tastes, and shows you the best local venues that are most relevant to your preferences. It collects data from every activity, rating, mention, and check-­in from your social  graph to calculate scores for potential venues.

1. mobilike

Source: mobilike.com.
Source: mobilike.com.

Mobilike—the innovation leader of mobile advertising in Turkey—is the first company to provide rich media and video ads on smartphones and tablets in the country. Over a hundred top brands use its solutions to power their mobile advertising campaigns.

Over the last two decades, Turkey has undergone radical transformations and is now considered a leader among the world’s developed countries; furthermore, its capital Istanbul is the fifth largest city in the world by population. It’s therefore no surprise that a plethora of regional innovators and startups are bringing tech offerings to market that rival the best and brightest from Silicon Valley.



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