7 Greentech Startups from Latin America You Need to Know About in 2016

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Latin America may be home to abundant and unique natural resources such as high altitude waterfalls and expansive forests, but many of its urban regions are increasingly suffocating under a veil smog—with long term implications for both the region’s public health and the planet’s climate.

These current dire conditions have spurred the region into becoming a global arena for green innovation, with help from abundant resources, support from local governments, and international initiatives assisting in the development of sustainable energy sources. The following are some of the top innovative startups in LATAM focusing on greentech product and services.

7. qAIRa

Source: qairadrones.com.

Born as a research project from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), qAIRa develops drones for measuring air quality and data collection for monitoring, analyzing, and preventing air/environmental contamination from major industries.

6. Semtive

Source: semtive.com.
Source: semtive.com.

Semtive is an Argentinian green/clean energy firm that develops wind turbines designed for both urban and suburban landscapes. The units are easy to install, portable, and made from recyclable materials—and its latest model, Nemoi Lumina, is freestanding and also functions as a light with wifi.


Source: sulilab.com.

SULI LAB has created a portable, solar-powered, light module that works as part of a scalable and modular platform. The company’s mission is to create a bridge between developed and non-developed markets with this solution, empower those in less-endowed regions to harness the power of clean tech.

4. Conceptos Plásticos

Source: conceptosplasticos.com.

Conceptos Plásticos a Columbian startup that transforms plastic and rubber waste into an alternative construction material for housing, shelters and classrooms. Its broader goal and vision is to use its sustainable models to create a higher impact, reduce extreme poverty, mitigate the formation of informal population settlements, and promote sustainability conditions.

3. Grupo ICH

Source: grupoich.mx.
Source: grupoich.mx.

Another company creating innovative solutions for converting waste into useful products is Grupo ICH from Mexico. This firm manufactures eyeglass frames from recycled plastic bottles, giving more people access to high quality, sustainable, low-cost eyewear.

2. Ambient

Source: ambient.mx.
Source: ambient.mx.

Ambient is a Mexican firm that creates productivity recovery models of forests and agricultural lands—generating products to improve the condition of soils from organic waste. The firm has created specialized software to ensure proper processing of waste, as well as products like Bonum: a soil conditioner prepared from organic materials and minerals.

1. Bright

Source: thinkbright.com.

Mexico-based Bright aims to make solar affordable for everyone, offering residential solar to the developing world for $0 upfront. Its first market is Mexico, but it plans on expanding to the rest of LATAM.

As these 7 greentech startups serve to illustrate, sustainable technologies and renewable energy are highly active areas for LATAM entrepreneurship—whether it be the reuse of waste products or making residential solar more affordable to the developing world.



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