15 American Pet Startups You Need To Know About in 2016

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Over 65% of American households own a pet, according to data from the United States Humane Society. With such a high percentage, it’s no wonder that startup founders have gone after this demographic.

After all, people treat their pets like family, and these startups cater to both furry friends and the humans who love them. Here are the top 15 you need to know about in 2016.

15. Swifto

Source: swifto.com.

Think of Uber, but for four paws instead of four wheels. This service connects dog owners to private dog walkers, complete with GPS tracking and photographs along the way. Their website boasts of “over 100,000 dog walks completed.

14. TurboPUP

Source: turbopup.com.

TurboPUP offers on-the-go meal bars for your furry friend. It’s the dog version of a granola bar, an idea sparked when founder Kristina Guerrero wanted portable dog food with 100% natural ingredients.

13. DogVacay

Source: dogvacay.com.
Source: dogvacay.com.

For those tired of sending their dogs to kennels with chickenwire cages and limited playtime, DogVacay is providing peace of mind. The startup allows dog owners to browse potential sitters either in-house or in someone else’s home, eliminating the kennel altogether.

12. BarkBox

Source: barkbox.com.

Now there’s a subscription box service for your Fluffy or Fido—BarkBox offers monthly boxes full of dog goodies like toys, treats, and more.

11.Pretty Litter

Source: prettylittercats.com.

Dogs aren’t the only ones with startups. Pretty Litter markets itself to cat owners with its unique litter formula that changes colors after use, helping cat parents to detect health problems as early as possible.

10. Your Perfect Puppy

Source: yourperfectpuppy.com.
Source: yourperfectpuppy.com.

This startup designs both unique items, like a bag that carries both treats and tennis balls, and dog owner must-haves, like nylon leashes. They strive to sell not just any old dog leash, but Your Perfect Leash—because your puppy is, of course, perfect.

9. ALFA Bar

Source: thealphabar.com.

This Montana-based startup makes meal replacement bars for dogs, allowing them to keep up with their active owners with nutritious, energizing food bars.

8. Wagfield Academy

Source: wagfield.com.

Want to train your puppy, but can’t bear to send her away to obedience school? Wagfield Academy is a startup that offers online obedience classes and resources so that your puppy can get a high-quality “education” right from home.

7. The Honest Kitchen

Source: thehonestkitchen.com.

This startup, which has already earned $21 million in annual revenue, has jumped on the unprocessed food trend to offer human-grade pet food that is both healthy and natural.

6. PetChatz

Source: petchatz.com.

With PetChatz, you can interact with your pet via video chat (like Skype) while you’re away. It allows you to see and hear your pet, as well as dispense treats and even let your pet call you with a special, paw-accessible button.

5. PetPartner CRM

Source: petpartner.co.

Like the many human healthcare providers doing the same, PetPartner is an app that lets pet owners make veterinarian appointments and keep track of them, as well as connecting them to various healthcare providers specifically for four-legged friends.

4. Fresh Patch

Source: freshpatch.com.

When it’s cold or rainy, the last thing many pet owners want to do is take their dog outside. Fresh Patch offers a solution—a patch of real grass that absorbs liquids, so dogs can go inside, too, just like their humans.

3. FitBark

Source: fitbark.com.
Source: fitbark.com.

Wearable fitness-tracking devices are becoming increasingly popular, and now FitBark has introduced a device for dogs, too. This device attaches to dog collars and tracks steps, sleep, and more.

2. Vet On Demand

Source: vetondemand.com.

Pet owners are busy people, caring for their own human families as well as their canine for feline family members. VetOnDemand allows users to live video chat with licensed veterinarians, providing pets (and their parents) with easy and convenient healthcare information to keep those tails wagging.

1. Whistle

Source: whistle.com.

Like the dog whistle that gave the startup its name, Whistle ensures that your pet doesn’t get lost. Whistle’s GPS tracker lets you see your pet’s location from your smartphone, keeping your dog, cat, or any other animal always in your sight.

Though pets themselves can’t found startups, they have certainly provided plenty of inspiration to their human companions. These fifteen startups have made a name for themselves so far in 2016, and we’ll likely see even more before the year is out.



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