9 Tech Startups from Penang You Need to Know About in 2016

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Kuala Lumpur may be Malaysia’s capital and largest city, but Penang and surrounding areas are increasingly seen by local investors and entrepreneurs as an ideal alternative to the Garden City of Lights. Spurred by recent economic growth and infrastructure developments, the area is also becoming a hot spot for tech startups.

The following are 9 tech startups from the Malaysian state of Penang that you need to know about in 2016 and beyond.

9. Piktochart

Source: piktochart.com
Source: piktochart.com.

Piktochart helps non-designers create custom stunning infographics—without the need for expensive software or design expertise. The platform is free with paid options for higher file upload limits.

8. DeliverEat

Source: delivereat.my.

DeliverEat was created to provide residents of the Penang area a reliable, online food delivery service. The company currently offers food selections from more than 150 restaurants in the area.

7. yesHelper

Source: yeshelper.com
Source: yeshelper.com.

yesHelper is a platform for posting and applying for micro jobs, letting users list small tasks to be undertaken by the service’s trained and background-checked helpers.

6. Instapps

Source: instapps.com
Source: instapps.com.

Instapps enables individuals and small businesses to create fully-functioning web stores on their Facebook pages. The solution features an inventory management system and integrations with PayPal and other card payment processors.

5. Exabytes

Source: exabytes.com
Source: exabytes.com.

Exabytes offers domain registration, dedicated server hosting, server colocation, and cloud hosting services, among others. Based in Bayan Lepas, Penang, the company has been recognized and awarded on both national and international stages.

4. MobileAds

Source: mobileads.com
Source: mobileads.com.

MobileAds has created a technology for embedding apps into advertising units, allowing users to easily create “mini-websites” that include social media components, ecommerce, couponing system, maps, videos, and more.

3. Tribeup

Source: tribeup.my
Source: tribeup.my.

Widely considered Penang’s premiere digital agency, Tribeup works with premium international/local brands, startups, and NGOs to build their websites, web-based applications, Facebook applications, mobile applications, and more. Its current roster of notable clients include Electrolux, Epson, and Shell, among others.

2. The Coding Shophouse

Source: thecodingshophouse.com
Source: thecodingshophouse.com.

The Coding Shophouse’s aim is to provide a training environment for deserving youth to begin their own startup journeys—whether it be founding their own venture or joining another promising startup.

1. Playme AR

Source: playmear.com
Source: playmear.com.

Playme AR is an augmented reality (AR) creation platform that gives publishers the ability to easily create AR campaigns. Notable features include drag and drop functionality for enhancing designs with video, holograms, photos, social buttons, web links, and more.

Penang’s tech startup ecosystem is under rapid transformation and is becoming the destination of choice for both local entrepreneurs and investors. These 9 tech startups are just a few of the many young upstarts in the region building world-class products and solutions.



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