11 Mechatronics Tech Startups You Need to Know About in 2016

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Intelligent robots have been the focal point of technologists’ hopes and fears for the past century, but like it or not, recent advances in mechatronics and robotics—combined with IoT and the cloud—may soon make them a viable reality.

At the forefront of this research and development are the leading mechatronics startups making tomorrow’s smart robotics a reality, today. Here are 11 tech startups to watch for in 2016.

11. CleanRobotics

Source: cleanrobotics.com.
Source: cleanrobotics.com.
Merging sustainability with high technology, CleanRobotics working on a design for a Smart trash can that automatically separates recyclables from trash.

10. Clearpath Robotics

Source: clearpathrobotics.com.
Source: clearpathrobotics.com.

Founded by 4 Canadian students with a love for building robots, Clearpath Robotics has since become a multi-million dollar developer of land, air, and sea autonomous robots for handling the world’s dullest, dirtiest, and deadliest jobs.

9. GreyOrange

Source: greyorange.com.

This mechatronics startups has created Butler: the most advanced automated storage and goods-to-man order picking system in the world. The solution is ideal for e-commerce, logistics, and manufacturing warehouse operations where high-mix, high-volume order profiles are common.

8. TeaBot

Source: myteabot.com.

The teaBOT is—as its name implies—the world’s first teamaking robot. It makes customized cups of grab-and-go loose leaf tea so customer don’t have to wait in line; instead, each cup is made-to-order at the touch of a button.

7. Sastra Robotics

Source: sastrarobotics.com.

Sastra Robotics develops cost-effective, advanced robotics and automation products and services for a wide range of use cases—from industrial manipulators to telepresence robots.

6. Recreate Robotics

Source: recreaterobotics.com.

RoboGoalie a robotic goalkeeper for soccer and hockey enthusiasts. The solution lets users challenge each other—and the robot—in a penalty shootout-style game.

5. Milagrow

Source: milagrowhumantech.com.
Source: milagrowhumantech.com.

Most humans would agree that cleaning is for the birds—and robots; Milagrow answers the call with its line of robotic vacuum cleaners, window cleaning robots, and body massaging robots.

4. Omnipresent Robot Tech

Source: omnipresenttech.com.

Omnipresent designs drones and and river cleaning robots for a variety of noble use cases—some of its clients include the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR), Isro, and Defense Terrain research laboratory.

3. Blue Danube Robotics

Source: bluedanuberobotics.com.
Source: bluedanuberobotics.com.

Founded in 2013, Viennese startup Blue Danube Robotics builds personal robots for assisting older people and people with physical challenges in their daily lives.

2. Houston Mechatronics

Source: houstonmechatronics.com.

Houston Mechatronics creates mechatronics solutions for a vast array of use cases, for example—large subsea robots to pipe inspection robots in deepwater drilling and operations.

1. Roboteam

Source: robo-team.com.

The Roboteams’ Micro Tactical Ground Robot (MTGR) is a highly maneuverable robot for aiding military, law enforcement and public safety units in various combat situations around the world.

Like it or not, robots will play an increasingly crucial role in the development and well-being of human society. Fortunately, mechatronics innovators like the preceding 11 are bringing products and services to life that make our lives safer, efficient, more enjoyable.


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