13 Tech Startups from Copenhagen You Need to Know About in 2016

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Danes might be the luckiest people in the world—at least according to multiple surveys and welfare statistics. In fact, Denmark was recently named the “Happiest Place in the World” in a 156-nation survey published by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

Exceptional living conditions and economic stability invariably produce not only smart and innovative people, but also innovative and fresh startups. Here are 13 of the best for 2016 you need to know about.

13. Appflower

Source: appflower.com
Source: appflower.com.

If coding is not your thing, your budget is limited, and you need to create an app for your product or service—Appflower is the solution for you. The app is a visual designer for creating stunning, aesthetically pleasing applications.


Source: bownty.co.uk.

Want to eat on a limited budget? Want to buy a fresh pair of sneakers but don’t know where? Bownty collects the best deals in major European cities and follows your favorite categories, saving you both time and money.

11. Deemly

Source: deemly.co
Source: deemly.co.

Deemly is essentially an online ego and reputation builder. The service gathers all your ratings and
reviews on different marketplaces and social networks.

 10. MocialCall

Source: itunes.apple.com.
Source: itunes.apple.com.

MocialCall is Denmark’s version of popular messaging app WhatsApp. The smartphone app features mobile calling at low rates to most of the world, free calls with other MocialCall users, and automatic call recording/saving.

9. EyeProof

Source: eyeproof.net
Source: eyeproof.net.

EyeProof offers an eye tracking system for testing different ads on tablet devices. Just upload the content to be tested and its eye tracking device will measure where/how long users look on the screen.

8. GameAnalytics

Source: gameanalytics.com.

GameAnalytics targets game developers and programmers, offering them a free and powerful tool for gleaning insights into player and fan behavior. For example, the app will tell you how often players return to your game and which items/tools attract them the most.

7. ModCam

Source: modcam.com.

ModCam’s computer vision application provides video content analytics: sensors analyze customer flow in physical stores and buildings, allowing for automatic head counts and heat maps displaying hot/cold zones (where customers tend to go less/more) and demographics graphs for determining the age/genders of specific store customers.

6. Coinify

Source: coinify.com
Source: coinify.com.

Current BitCoin payment methods are costly, geographically limited, and slow—with payouts taking weeks. With Coinify, you become a merchant and accept payments from any country and receive payouts in the local currency. Moreover, it helps you to increase your margins by 3%.

5. Atosho

Source: atosho.com.

Imagine you peruse an article, see an image, or read a product review about a offering—and buy the product directly, without leaving the page? Well, Atosho provides this amazing shopping experience.

4. Blume

Source: getblume.com.

Blume is a Tinder-like app with selfies: the app allows pictures from your Facebook photo library, but matches with freshly-taken selfies.

3. Apptimate

Source: apptimate.com
Source: apptimate.com.

Apptimate is a secure communication as a service for developers: the service secures the communication between users and apps, outside firewalls, without having to access user data.

2. Batmetrics

Source: batmetrics.com
Source: batmetrics.com.

Batmetrics helps you gather granular data about customer behavior for optimizing your marketing and sales strategy, regardless of where your business is or what you are selling.

1. Be My Eyes

Source: bemyeyes.com
Source: bemyeyes.com.

The name says as it all: Be My Eyes connects the blind with volunteers for assisting in various tasks. By downloading this app, you can become somebody’s eyes and help with different tasks, provide guidance, and more.

As you can see, Danish startups are building a myriad of products and services focused on making our lives easier and more secure. Be sure to keep an eye on these innovative tech startups as they prepare to launch their offering globally.



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