13 Tech Startups from Nevada You Need to Know About in 2016

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You’d be mistaken these days to think that the Silver State’s riches are only to be found in its hills or casinos. A low cost of living and affordable housing/real estate make it an attractive relocation option for professionals and entrepreneurs alike.

Nevada is also fast becoming a hub for both forward-thinking startups and enterprises—Tesla’s development of its Reno “gigafactory” and Tony Hsieh’s investments in developing downtown Las Vegas’ venture ecosystem are a testament to the state’s tech innovation potential.  The following are 13 tech startups from Nevada you need to know about in 2016.

13. LaunchKey

Source: launchkey.com.
Source: launchkey.com.

LaunchKey’s solutions feature realtime multi-factor authentication via mobile devices, enabling users to leverage their mobile device for password-free logins, 2-factor authentication (2FA), transaction approvals, and more.

12. Lucine Health Sciences

Source: lucinehealthsciences.com.

Lucine Health Sciences specializes in crowdsourced post-market therapeutic efficacy and safety research. Its platform gives patients, doctors, and the healthcare industry at large the data needed to make informed treatment decisions.

11. Inqiri

Source: inqiri.com.
Source: inqiri.com.

Inqiri merges cognitive science and information technology with its platform for collective intelligence—using it, organizations can tap into the power of synthetic intelligence to overcome cognitive bias and improve rational decision making.

10. No-IP

Source: noip.com.

No-IP provides managed and dynamic DNS services, the latter of which is provided via an easy-to-remember hostname mapped to your dynamic IP address. The solution makes it easy to remotely access desktops, webcams, or any internet-connected device.

9. Action Bowling by Rolltech

Source: rolltechbowling.com.

Rolltech’s Action Bowling lets bowling fans compete in daily contests with real cash payouts, boost their skills, and challenge other players around the world.

8. EyesBot

Source: eyesbot.com.

EyesBot manufactures iOS and Android device-controlled robots. The company also develops more sophisticated solutions like augmented reality software and larger watchdog robots.

7. MintLocker

Source: mintlocker.com.
Source: mintlocker.com.

MintLocker’s dry cleaning and laundry service features a locker system for dropping off and picking up items 24/7. Users access the locker using a unique 4 digit passcode, place their orders online or via text message/mobile app and pick up items within 1-2 days.

6. Flirtey

Source: flirtey.com.

Flirtey is an independent drone delivery service that aims to save lives and change lifestyles by making delivery instant. The company is credited for making the first fully autonomous FAA-approved urban drone delivery in the U.S.

5. VRmersive

Source: vrmersive.com.

VRmersive develops a plugin for the Unity engine that enables walking in place, allowing users to efficiently navigate virtual environments using their feet, sans controller or additional sensors.

4. JusCollege

Source: juscollege.com.
Source: juscollege.com.

JusCollege is a platform for helping college students plan and book group trips, from skiing/snowboarding adventures to vacations in Cabo and, yes—Las Vegas. The service even lets you break up the cost of a trip into easy payments.

3. Resgrid

Source: resgrid.com.

Resgrid develops cloud communications, management, and logistics solutions for first responders. Its platform allows organizations to manage multiple stations, groups, all your personnel and units, dispatches and customers from one system.

2. Dronesmith Technologies

Source: dronesmith.io.

Dronesmith Technologies develops an open platform and set of APIs for building, shipping, and running drone applications on multiple devices seamlessly in the cloud, as well as Luci—the world’s first field-programmable flight controller.

1. Filament

Source: filament.com.

Filament’s solutions make it possible to deploy long-range wireless networks anywhere—its The Tap solution lets you wirelessly monitor and control devices or equipment in just a few minutes.

Suffice to say, Nevada is no desert when it comes to tech innovation—from drone-assisted delivery to large scale connectivity, these 13 promising tech startups from Nevada have developed products and services that are on par with the best from Silicon Valley.



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