9 Tech Startups from Kyrgyzstan You Need to Know About in 2016

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Located between China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan sits strategically in the heart of Central Asia, serving as the Silk Road’s regional center of commerce and culture for millennia.

And now, in response to local market demand, tech entrepreneurs are taking their innovations to the digital realm. The following are 9 tech startups from Kyrgyzstan you need to know about in 2016.

9. Diesel Forum

Source: diesel.elcat.kg.

Despite its no-nonsense presentation, Diesel Forum has become one of the largest community classifieds websites in Kyrgyzstan. The website features free and paid listings for new/used goods and services as well as job searches.

8. Job.kg

Source: job.kg.

Job.kg is the most popular resource for both finding work in Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan as well as sourcing local workers. From management positions to accounting professionals, the website simplifies the process of finding jobs and talent in the region.

7. Hire-Experts

Source: hire-experts.com.

Hire-Experts is a web development firm that builds themes, add-ons, and mobile apps for social networks. The team specializes in customizations for the popular open source online community platform SocailEngine.

6. Vasabi.tv

Source: vasabi.tv.

Vasabi.tv has created an online platform for video sharing/titling as well as educational online video services. The website features more than 400 TV shows and 20, 000 episodes with subtitles and translations—perfect for entertaining, self-paced English-language improvement.

5. picVpic

Source: picvpic.com.

picVpic’s fashion search engine is the first online product comparison and ranking system—think of it as a virtual mall for all online retailers, with one fitting room for comparing the products from all the stores.

4. BeSmart

Source: play.google.com.
Source: play.google.com.

Similar to GroupOn, BeSmart is a pioneer of online shopping with cash back rewards in Central Asia and the Caucases. The platform offers up-to-the-minute deals on a myriad of products and services—from fine dining and beauty salons to dentistry and goods for purchase.

3. Viximity

Source: viximity.com.

Need to create regional video story and hire a local crew? Viximity is a platform for hiring and managing camera operators on-demand, in any part of the world.

2. KloopMedia/Kloop

Source: kloop.jlm.me.

The Kloop Media Foundation’s goal is to create high-quality, inspirational, and universally-accessible educational opportunities for Kyrgyz youth. Kloop has also established a support office in Austin, Texas.

1. Social shop wave

Source: socialshopwave.com.
Source: socialshopwave.com.

SocialShopWave provides scalable, flexible, and affordable apps for improving e-commerce sites that are easy to select, install, and manage. Some examples include apps for social logins, community feeds, wish lists, reviews, friend referrals, and more. Though the platform currently only support Shopify stores, the team is hard at work on a universal, cross-platform solution.

In short, Kyrgyzstan is continuing its tradition as an active commerce partner in the region—this time, with online/cloud-based products and services. With a rapidly emerging, highly-skilled workforce and active interest from global partners, the nation’s tech startup ecosystem is poised for rapid growth in the coming months and years ahead.



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