13 Startups from Minneapolis-St. Paul You Need to Know About in 2016

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Every business must start somewhere and the Twin Cities area has provided nurturing grounds to some the most innovative startups in the U.S.

In a state that boasts a whopping 17 Fortune 500 companies, it’s no surprise that Minneapolis/St. Paul is also home to a host of promising startups—13 of which we’ve highlighted below for 2016.

13. ilos

Source: ilosvideos.com.

ilos is a video sharing service that allows organizations to upload and collaborate via the cloud. The platform enables teams to upload all of their videos in one place and post screen recordings for use by other team members.

12. Leadpages

Source: leadpages.net.

This Minneapolis startup creates software for businesses to build landing pages or similar elements on company websites.  In 2015, sales were 10 times greater than expected, and the company is still growing.

11. When I Work

Source: wheniwork.com.
Source: wheniwork.com.

When I Work is changing the way businesses manage their hourly employees by building management software that is user-friendly, easy to learn, and—last but not least—inexpensive.

10. Zipnosis

Source: zipnosis.com.

This startup partners with healthcare providers to connect patients to doctors, allowing for online communication, diagnosis, and treatment.  Its multifaceted approach includes both video and voice-only interactions for delivering faster responses.

9. Vidku

Source: vidku.com.

This offering is an iOS/Android app that allows users to share posts, videos, and photos with friends and family. This may sound a lot like Facebook, but Vidku is more private, enabling users share only to specific people or groups, not the entire public.

8. Field Nation

Source: fieldnation.com.

Field Nation is an online platform that matches contractors to projects.  So far, almost $3 million worth of work has been completed through Field Nation.

7. BoomBoom Prints

Source: boomboomprints.com.

This startup provides parents with tools to customize graphics for clothing, nursery decoration, thank-you cards, or other unique baby products.  It also directly connects artists to buyers so that parents can get the exact (adorable) design they want.

6. Novu

Source: novu.com.

Already featuring high-profile clients like United Health Group Inc., Novu works with healthcare plan providers to design incentive systems that encourage healthy living while creating educational content to promote further healthy behaviors.

5. Sezzle

Source: sezzle.com.
Source: sezzle.com.

Sezzle links to users’ bank accounts to allow them to pay for products and services online or on-the-go directly from their phones. It also gives rewards for each purchase while reducing the cost of credit card payments on the seller’s end.

4. Upsie

Source: upsie.com.

With the charming tagline “The upside of an oopsie,” Upsie sells product warranty plans to customers at far lower prices than most retailers.  In May 2015, former Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn joined Upsie’s board.

3. Kidblog

Source: kidblog.org.

Kidblog offers a child-friendly blogging platform for classrooms, giving teachers a way to encourage student writing while ensuring a safe, private web space for kids to interact.

2. Astropad

Source: astropad.com.
Source: astropad.com.

Astropad combines the creative tools from the Mac desktop (e.g., Photoshop) with the touch experience of the iPad and the precision of Apple Pencil, enabling artists to create high-quality masterpieces from anywhere.

1. My Alerts (formerly Trackif)

Source: myalerts.com.

This Minnetonka startup raised an impressive $5 million in 2015 alone.  It allows users to monitor the price of products from online stores, alerting them when prices rise or drop.

These 13 startups have proven their worth already—and most have only begun their expansion efforts. Be sure to keep an eye on these fast-moving Minneapolis/St. Paul-based startups in 2016 and beyond.



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