11 Tech Startups from Colorado Springs You Need to Know About in 2016

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In times of economic hardship, local startups can help reinvigorate regional business and inspire financial prospects. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Colorado Springs, a city that was recently ranked the #4 best midsize city in America for college graduates.

These 11 tech startups from Colorado Springs are worth keeping your eye on as they continue to develop and innovate within their respective niches over the remainder of 2016.

11. CreativeLab.TV

Source: creativelab.tv.

Creative Lab offers a platform for clients to hire and collaborate with skilled software developers on various types of projects. It company provides services such as website creation, app development, branding, and social media management.

10. GetOutfitted

Source: getoutfitted.com.

Colorado is of course world-renowned for its skiing; GetOutfitted is a startup that rents ski and snowboard apparel/accessories, delivering items directly to your doorstep.

9. Numisight

Source: numisight.com.
Source: numisight.com.

Currently in public alpha, Numisight provides Bitcoin users with tools for keeping record of transactions, visualizing their personal transaction histories, and analyzing emerging patterns over time.

8. HitSpot

Source: itunes.apple.com.

Developed by college students for college students, HitSpot was designing to keep users informed about events on the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs campus.

7. Design Rangers

Source: designrangers.com.

Founded by husband and wife team Chris and Jenny Schell, Design Rangers is a creative agency with clients in a myriad of industries: recreation and tourism, technology, sports, retail, professional services, non-profit, and more.

6. Cherwell Software

Source: cherwell.com.

Cherwell Software developes IT service management (ITSM) and IT asset management solutions for for small/medium enterprises and Fortune 500 companies.

5. Brainitz

Source: brainitz.com.

Brainitz is an educational platform that combines video lessons with interactive quizzes and essay assignments to enable educators to boost student achievement and more effectively engage them in the learning process.

4. BombBomb

Source: bombbomb.com.

For sales and marketing purposes, traditional email’s effectiveness in garnering and converting leads is slow diminishing. To counter this, BombBomb’s platform for recording and sending/tracking video emails reinvigorates email outreach and campaigning.

3. IDAvatars/CodeBaby

Source: codebaby.com.

IDAvatars enables clients to create an online, personalized 3D avatar for interacting with users on their personal or professional websites.

2. Pathar

Source: pathar.net.

Pathar’s social media data analysis platform enables users to define target audiences, separate them into channels to observe trends, and target them for specific social media campaigns.

1. BurstIQ

Source: burstiq.com.

BurstIQ’s platform focuses on improving security and transparency with health data. Its proprietary LifeGraphs drive data to insight, dynamically assembling relationships that change with behavior patterns and characteristics through a combination of machine learning and human interaction/collaborative intelligence.

Colorado Springs has seen a proliferation of tech startups in recent years, spurred by local entrepreneurs weary of the current economic climate’s instability. Exciting things can happen when forward-thinking innovators come together with the goal of creating new technologies—these 11 companies prove just that.



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