13 Tech Startups from Lithuania You Need To Know About in 2016

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Despite being considered one of the smaller nations in the EU, the Baltic state of Lithuania is a regional leader in terms of technological innovation and entrepreneurship. Several factors have made this possible, including a favorable position between Eastern and Western Europe and a highly-developed internet infrastructure.

In fact, the country boasts some of the fastest internet speeds in the world—in October 2011, Lithuania ranked first globally in terms of upload/download speeds, according to Speedtest.net. Local tech entrepreneurs have been quick to utilize these benefits to launch their ventures; the following are 13 of the best and brightest to look out for in 2016 and beyond.

13. Trafi

Source: trafi.com.

Using scientific algorithms and machine learning, Trafi’s public transportation app allows users to plan their journeys in real time. The offering is available as both an iOS/Android and desktop (web) app.

12. MailerLite

Source: mailerlite.com.

MailerLite is a leading email marketing platform that streamlines newsletter publishing, landing page creation, and webform generation. Some of its marquee customers include BMW, GoPro, DFDS Seawats, and Birkenstock.

11. Fatmap

Source: fatmap.com.

Based in Lithuania and Bristol, Fatmap is a 3D mapping tool designed for outdoor travelers and mountain adventurers. The allows users to plan and share their adventures, as well as find out more information about specific locales.

10. Pixelmator

Source: pixelmator.com.

Pixelmator is a simple but powerful graphics editor for Apple devices. As an inexpensive alternative to Adobe Photoshop, the solution has already won a number of awards and received international attention.

9. Taggye

Source: taggye.com.

Taggye is a tool that allows for the tagging and tracking of any public web page; if changes are detected over time, the system sends a notification to the user. The offering is currently in alpha release.

8. Exacaster

Source: exacaster.com.

Exacaster has developed a big data analytics platform for predicting customer churn, providing relevant product recommendations, and building segmentation and real time dynamic pricing models.

7. Phantom Group

Source: phantom-corp.com.
Source: phantom-corp.com.

Phantom Group is a 3D printing R&D firm that produces and sells 3D printers and software. The company has developed a patented system that enables significant improvements in 3D printing speed.

6. SkyBiometry

Source: skybiometry.com.

Facial recognition technologies are all the rage these days and SkyBiometry provides a way to tap into this emerging technology. The company offers a cloud biometrics API for developers and marketers to build custom facial recognition-based applications.

5. SearchNode

Source: searchnode.net.

SearchNode develops a smart plug and play search technology that allows online shoppers to search as they type. The company already has over 100 clients from 13 countries.

4. Multicord

Source: multicord.net.
Source: multicord.net.

Multicord’s solution consists of a smart extension strip and app that enables users to turn devices on/off remotely as well as monitor energy consumption in real time.

3. Whatagraph.com

Source: whatagraph.com.
Source: whatagraph.com.

Whatagraph.com designed for Google Analytics (GA) users looking to get more out of their website traffic metrics—the solution transforms GA information into more compelling and intuitive reports.

2. InPeak

Source: inpeak.io.

InPeak was designed to help sports enthusiasts and professional athletes compete optimally. The solution gathers subjective factors and health statistics to create visual analytics for improving physical performance.

1. Breathcount

Source: breathcount.com.

Breathcount develops a mobile app and accompanying Bluetooth device for helping asthma sufferers monitor and manage their condition more effectively.

These are just a handful of Lithuanian tech startups that you need to keep an eye on in 2016 and beyond. From smart power devices to facial recognition technologies, these offerings are likely make their way onto the global stage soon, if not already.



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