13 Tech Startups from Boulder You Need to Know About in 2016

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Nestled by the Flatirons in the U.S. state of Colorado, the city of Boulder is one with many faces. If you love dogs, organic food, yoga, hiking, skiing, world class restaurants, and over 300 days of sunshine, you’ll certainly feel at home here. Tech entrepreneurs will also find a welcome place in its fast-growing, supportive ecosystem of startups.

Here are 13 of Boulder’s best and brightest tech startups you need to know about in 2016 and beyond.

13. Serenity Forge

Source: serenityforge.com.

Serenity Forge is a video game development company that seeks to create meaningful experiences through gaming. Some of its titles include Pixel Galaxy (Windows/Mac), Eternal Us (Windows/Mac), and Lifeless Planet (PS4), among others.

12. Blucar

Source: blucar.com.

In a city where parking is hard to come by, you need an app that lets you hail your own personal valet. BluCar allows users to request a personal valet or find a nearby parking lot directly from the mobile app.

11. Techtonic Group

Source: techtonicgroup.com.

Techtonic Group is not just a software development firm—the company aims to provide future developers with a means to improve their lives through practical experience, ­­one line of code at a time.

10. TapInfluence

Source: tapinfluence.com.

Minority-owned TapInfluence has created a platform that enables brands and agencies to reach billions of consumers with scalable, influencer-driven content.

9. WÜF

Source: getwuf.com.

Boulderites love their dogs and WÜF taps into this passion with its offering: a smart collar and accompanying app that helps owners keep tabs on and care for their four-legged best friends.

8. Orderly

Source: orderlyhealth.com.

Orderly’s platform allows employees to ask healthcare-related questions and receive answers from medical professionals immediately via mobile phone/text message.

7. Bonusly

Source: bonus.ly.
Source: bonus.ly.

Bonusly is reinventing the traditional model of employee year-end/quarterly lump sum bonuses with its microbonus platform. The offering seamlessly integrates with popular HR and communications tools and can send microbonuses directly through Slack.

6. Makeena

Source: makeena.com.

Healthy living is synonymous with Boulder; true to form, Makeena’s mobile/web application creates customer engagement for healthy and sustainable brands.

5. Modular Robotics

Source: modrobotics.com.

The robotics rage is sweeping the nation—even kids and young adults are getting in on the action. Modular Robotics’ MOSS and Cubelets are two offerings from the company that teaches children how to create robots.

4. Ubooly

Source: ubooly.com.
Source: ubooly.com.

Ubooly has developed a smartphone-enabled learning toy that adapts to how children play and figures out which activities they like the most.

3. Survey Gizmo

Source: surveygizmo.com.

Survey Gizmo is a platform for building online surveys that features a powerful free tier with unlimited surveys/question/responses. Its paid-for tier offers advanced customizations for styling, survey logic, and question types.

2. Gnip

Source: gnip.com.

Gnip has developed an enterprise API platform for Twitter that enables firms to glean actionable business insights from real-time, historical social data.

1. Sphero

Source: sphero.com.

Sphero’s connected toys merges robotics, digital apps, and entertainment to allow children to get the most out of play. The company even features an impressive line of Star Wars-themed offerings.

In short, Boulder is a fast-rising U.S. tech startup hub poised to go head-to-head with Silicon Valley/Alley—be sure to watch out for these 13 tech startups that call this amazing city home in 2016.



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