13 Albanian Tech Startups You Need to Know About in 2016

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Tech startups are a relatively new concept in Albania, but one that has caught on fast; as startup ventures continue to bloom in Albania’s capital, Tirana, the government has taken note of their successes, creating new initiatives and incentives for innovative entrepreneurs.

Here are 13 innovative Albanian tech startups set to take the world by storm in 2016 and beyond.

13. Gjirafa

Source: gjirafa.com.
Source: gjirafa.com.

Gjirafa.com is Albania’s first search engine. Users can search for over 17o million webpages in Albanian, as well as access other tools/sections to include, Albanian/Kosovo/Macedonia bus schedules, job searches, real estate, weather, and more. The company recently picked a $2 million USD investment from Rockaway Capital to digitize and index information in Albania and Kosovo.

12. Tech360

Source: tech360.al.
Source: tech360.al.

Tech360.al focuses on mobile-based home automation, creating tools that enable users to control the space and equipment at home/office with their phone, tablet or computer. Other notable features include the ability to control lighting remotely, getting notifications when you children have returned home, or just adjusting the temperature before you get there.

11. Dentum

Source: dentem.co.

Dentem is a cloud platform designed for dental practices. Part the ABC Accelerator in Ljubljana, the startup offers a solution that streamlines doctor and patient interactions. Physicians can manage their practice and business with its tools while patients can view their personal histories, discover clinics and make online appointments.

10. 123.al

Source: 123.al.

123.al is an e-commerce marketplace similar to Groupon, but particular to the Tirana market. The platform features deals for activities, goods, travel and services around the city.

9. NeKafe.al

Source: nekafe.al.

This social network revolves around the idea of getting in touch with people nearby who you may not know. People can chat free after logging in through the website or app. The Android app is currently available on Google Play, with iOS and Windows versions available soon.

8. Softmogul

Source: softmogul.com.

Softmogul has designed a cloud-based software management tool for hotels and other reservation-based venues. The platform handles anything from simple payments to complete hotel operations management.

7. Delix Software

Source: creaticapp.com.

Delix is a prolific developer of iOS apps—some of its creations include Creatic, a photo editing/sharing app with over 42 filters and 75 textures, Alayer and PhotoNova for photo editing and enhancing, and Areocut for artistic image creation.

6. Fabrika

Source: fabrika.al.

Fabrika is a multi-disciplinary design firm with an impressive customer list from a myriad of industries, including banking/finance, education, insurance, real estate, travel, and more.

5. Baboon

Source: play.google.com.
Source: play.google.com.

Baboon is a Tirana-based food delivery startup that allows users to order food from the top restaurants in the city via its app/website. The company is currently expanding to other parts of Albania.

4. Publer/KalemiDesign

Source: superpubler.com.

This company is best-known for Publer, a social media app that helps you manage your Facebook page. The solution can handle tasks such as scheduling posts, updating your status/photos or albums.

3. ATS

Source: atstelemed.com.
Source: atstelemed.com.

ATS is Albania’s premiere telemedicine solution provider. The company develops technologies that connect patients with specialists for real-time diagnosis or consultations. Each client is equipped with “an electronic passport” which keeps track of the patients’ medical history and is easily transferred among doctors.

2. Shpi.al

Source: shpi.al.
Source: shpi.al.

Shpi.al is an online real estate portal available on both the web and iOS/Android devices. The map-based platform enables users to more intuitively rent or buying an apartment, house, or office space.

1. Piruni

Source: piruni.ai.

Piruni—or “fork” in Albanian—is a startup that offers food delivery services through the web and its Android app. The offering focuses on the city of Tirana and local surroundings.

With an abundance of resources and tax incentives for startups, you can expect to see more innovative tech ventures emerging from this exciting region. Be sure to keep these 13 Albanian companies on your radar in 2016 and beyond.



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