11 Superb Fintech Startups From Hong Kong You Need to Know About in 2016

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Hong Kong is ranked among the world’s greatest cities, with much of its acclaim due to its reputation as a global financial center. It’s therefore no surprise that the city is also home to some of the world’s most innovative fintech startups.

The following is a list of the top 11 fintech startups from Hong Kong you need to know about in 2016 and beyond.

11. Neat

Source: neat.hk.

Neat is a financial management platform that uses selfies to verify payment account users’ identities. Users can top-up the app wallet from traditional bank accounts or through pulling in cash from the app.

10. Lendo

Source: lendo.com.

Many communities are far removed from the banking and financial models that govern developed nations. Lenddo uses non-traditional data in providing credit scoring and verification to the emerging middle class around the world.

9. InvestLab

Source: investlab.com.

InvestLab’s MIX Platform is a cost effective solution for brokers and clients to access global markets. The platform features tools for better client control and management, low installation fees and no maintenance costs.

8. Tofupay

Source: tofupay.com.

TofuPay offers a secure and streamlined  way to make online payments—with a full REST API for customizing the service to your needs. The offering is currently in beta.

7. GateCoin Ltd

Source: gatecoin.com.

GateCoin is an online regulated trading platform for blockchain assets and crypto-currencies. The platform offers a full range of finance trading and management tools.

6. Privé Managers

Source: privemanagers.com.
Source: privemanagers.com.

Privé Managers is a wealth management platform that allows advisors, staff and clients to access their portfolios from their desktop or tablet device. The solution can be white-labeled with custom logos, colors and fonts, and easily integrates with existing systems through it robust API.

5. Aidyia

Source: aidyia.com.

Aidyia was founded by a team computer scientists and financial market veterans to apply AI to finance: the company develops cutting edge artificial general intelligence (AGI) technologies to identify patterns and predict price movements.

4. BitMEX

Source: bitmex.com.

BitMex is a platform for trading cryptocurrency derivatives and bitcoin. The company offers a fully featured REST API and a powerful streaming WebSocket API for integrating real-time market and user data in custom applications.

3. Bitspark

Source: bitspark.io.

Bitspark is a web/mobile platform for buying and selling bitcoin, as well as accepting payments for goods and services and remittance processing and management. The platform also features market leading exchange rates, enterprise grade security, business analytics, compliance automation, referral opportunities, and a competitive commission structure.

2. 8securities

Source: 8securities.com.

8securities has already become one of Asia’s top brokerage firms with a sizable client portfolio. The platform offers about 15,000 stocks to the customers through a single dashboard, as well as peer-to-peer exchange of financial tips and advice.

1. Cryptonator

Source: cryptonator.com.

Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency game in town—Litecoins, Dogecoins and other digital currencies are also worthy competitors. Cryptonator is a multi-type cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to manage them all in one personal account.

Few places in the world can compare to Hong Kong when in comes to fintech innovation and mobile banking technologies. Be sure to keep these 11 ventures on your radar as they expand their products and services to the global market.



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