11 Startups from Southern California You Need to Know About in 2016

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Southern California may be the entertainment capital of the world, but perfect weather and a sizable test market also make it the region ideal for launching innovative products and services.

It’s no wonder Southern California is home to some of the best and brightest tech startups in the world—here are 11 of our top picks for 2016.

11. Ring

Source: ring.com.

Initially created in 2012 as Doorbot and rebranded as Ring in 2014, the company’s technology is essentially a video doorbell with an accompanying smartphone app.

10. Measurabl

Source: measurabl.com.

Measurabl is a platform aimed at helping users control their energy costs by collecting, reporting, and acting upon non-financial data for sustainability.

9. Scopely

Source: scopely.com.

Scopely is a game development studio with several popular hits in its library. For example, its “The Walking Dead: Road to Survival”made it to the App Store’s 25 highest earners list.

8. StackIQ

Source: stacki.com.

StackIQ develops solutions that help cloud hosting providers manage their data centers. Its bare metal provisioning tool helps operates automate the process of installing operating systems (OS) or type 1 hypervisors directly to server hardware.

7. Cloudbeds

Source: cloudbeds.com.

Cloudbeds has developed a web-based hospitality management platform already used by numerous hotels across the globe—7,000 properties from more than 115 countries at last count. The solution offers tools for bookings and popular integrations with the leading services/solutions in the hospitality industry.

6. Mobcrush

Source: mobcrush.com.

Mobcrush is the developer of games like Minecraft Pocket Edition, but these days its known for its live streaming app and community for gamers.

5. Seismic

Source: seismic.com.

Seismic’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offers content tools to sales and marketing teams, from automated pitch decks to self-populating contracts. The platform integrates with popular offerings like Marketo, Salesforce, Dropbox, Hubspot, and more.

4. Burner

Source: burnerapp.com.

Burner’s gives users ultimate mobile phone privacy by allowing them to generate temporary phone numbers. The solution allows for other handy integrations/applications like an SMS auto-reply bot, powered by Evernote..

3. Dealstruck

Source: dealstruck.com.

Dealstruck is a web-based direct lender that offers term loans and credit lines to small businesses. Its client portal provides access to easy informative details about funds available and how the business is using them.

2. CrowdStrike

Source: crowdstrike.com.
Source: crowdstrike.com.

CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity vendor focused on cloud-based endpoint protection. The company has been recognized by numerous publications such as Inc 500, Forbes, Red Herring, among others.

1. GovX

Source: govx.com.

GovX is a platform that offers special discounts for employed and retired government and military personnel. The company offers discounts of up to 65% on a variety of products and services, from clothing to travel and event tickets.

SoCal is attracting a lot more than aspiring actors and screen talent these days. From cybersecurity startups to popular game developers, these 11 startups are giving their Silicon Valley neighbors to the north a run for their money.



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