13 Tech Startups from Kiev You Need to Know About in 2016

by Rostyslav Kalatsysnkyi 1,956 views0

Ukraine’s innovation economy is booming—over 800 companies are rooted in the country’s startup ecosystem, the majority of which call the capital city of Kiev home. A large number are attracting outside attention and support and have already achieved international success. For example, English business magnate Richard Branson has taken a keen interest in Ukrainian startups and has already financed several of them.

Let’s take look at 13 of the most promising Kiev-based tech startups you should be keeping on your radar in 2016 and beyond.

13. Tripmydream

Source: tripmydream.com.

Tripmydream is a travel search engine that saves travelers time and money by finding, analyzing, and making suggestions about flight and hotel offers according to their preferences. This startup recently took the prize of “Best Travel Startup” at the 2016 Seedstars World Summit in Switzerland.

12. eFarmer

Source: efarmer.mobi.

Ukraine is known for its rich, black soil containing a high percentage of humus—referred to locally as chornozem. These fertile conditions make it a leading grain producer/exporter to the rest of Europe. To help farmers optimize the use of farm machinery in these ideal growing conditions, eFarmer offers a GPS-powered app that recommends and indicates the most productive way to work a field.

11. Preply

Source: preply.com.

Preply is a leading online platform for finding a foreign language tutor. So far, the solution has helped over 70,000 students learn a new language, from Ukrainian and Spanish to Chinese.

10. Senstone

Source: senstone.io.

Senstone offers beautiful fashion accessories that double as smart devices, enabling wearers to record conversations while their phones are turned off, create to-do lists and personal notes, and create posts and emails—all by voice. Sir Richard Branson has expressed interest in signing a contract with the developers of this offering.

9. Mevics

Source: mevics.com.

Everybody aspires to be successful, but what’s success without good health? Most desk-bound professionals— though productive behind the screen—suffer from bad posture and resulting spinal curvature. To alleviate this, Mevics helps to control your posture while you are walking, standing or sitting. The device is attached to the wearer’s back or bra clasp and vibrates if bad posture is detected.

8. Digi 24

Source: digi24.io.

Digi 24’s monitoring solution consists of a smart socket adapter for lightbulbs, door sensors, and central control unit that helps people manage their home environments remotely. The system monitors energy consumption and informs you if any dangers threaten your house while you’re away from home.

7.  Helko

Source: helko.com.
Source: helko.com.

Created by a group of Kiev’s secondary school students, Helko is a virtual trainer for the gym. The solution’s smart dumbbell/barbell system records how many times a person picks up the device and calculates the optimal load.

6. DonorUA

Source: donor.ua.com.

DonorUA is a platform that matches blood donation recipients with donors by using location information to find the nearest and most suitable blood donation center. The system also creates a donor database for speeding up the matching process to a few days or even hours.

5. Skwibl

Source: skwibl.com.

Skwibl is an web app for enabling and streamlining collaborative design efforts, enabling users to both design sketches in real time and receive feedback/advice from professionals regarding their creations.

4. Luciding

Source: luciding.com.

Lucid dreaming has been studied by researchers in-depth over the last couple decades for its life-changing benefits. To this end, the LucidCatcher appliance from Lucidity enables users to more easily control and “program” their dreams.

3. Kinolife

Source: kinolife.eu.

Kinolife is an online platform for entertainment professionals, connecting thousands of directors, actors, film/TV/media creators, and organizations. The website allows users to exchange information about creative projects, search for screenplays and music for a film or TV program, and locate equipment or locations for a shoot.

2. Allset

Source: allsetnow.com.

No time to enjoy your lunch break at a real dining establishment? Allset’s app allows users to book, order, and pay for meals prior to arrival, enabling them to get in and out of the restaurant in 30 minutes or less.

1. Poptop.fm

Source: poptop.fm.

Poptop.fm is an event platform platform for booking trusted local wedding and corporate entertainment professionals quickly, easily and safely, enabling clients and service providers to communicate directly. The highly popular offering has recently expanded into the UK market.

These 13 tech startups are just a handful of promising ventures that have made Kiev their home base. Be sure to keep an eye on these projects as they go head-to-head with some of Silicon Valley’s best and brightest innnovators.



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