13 Cannabis-related Tech Startups That You Need To Know About in 2017

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Cannabis legalization has gone global—with U.S. states like California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada legalizing recreational marijuana in 2016. And like all burgeoning industries, the so-called cannatech space has lead to the growth of innovative ventures developing software/apps, hardware, and other solutions for both consumers and businesses.

From growing apps to cannabis point-of-sale (PoS) solutions, the following are 13 cannabis-related tech startups that you need to know about in 2017.

13. BlackbirdGo

Source: blackbirdgo.com.
Source: blackbirdgo.com.

BlackbirdGo is an online platform for ordering medical marijuana for pickup or delivery—patients simply select their items, place the order, and wait for delivery. The app allows for delivery tracking and phone/text messaging during the transaction.

12. Spakind

Source: spakind.com.

Spakind is an app for finding various cannabis spa and wellness-related products and services—from cannabis-friendly yoga classes and marijuana dispensaries to cannabis-infused salves and glassware. The offering also provides resources such as user reviews and cannabis recipes.

11. MassRoots

Source: massroots.com.

MassRoots is a social platform for the cannabis community. The company also offers a MassRoots for Business solution that enables businesses to connect with over 900,000 cannabis consumers.

10. Odava

Source: odava.com.

Odava focuses on providing solutions for cannabis retail operations. Its Retail product is a complete PoS platform for cannabis dispensaries.

9. Eaze

Source: eaze.com.

Also known as the “Uber for weed,” Eaze is now one of the leading mobile offerings for on-demand medical marijuana. The company also offers EazeMD for live, mobile video teleconferencing-based marijuana medical evaluations.

8. WeeGrow

Source: weegrowapp.com.

WeeGrow is an app that teaches users how to grow cannabis plants. The offering features a plethora of instructional guides and tips delivered in compact 30-60 second videos.

7. WeedTraQR

Source: weedtraqr.com.
Source: weedtraqr.com.

With legalization comes regulation—WeedTraQR offers a mobile front-end for connecting to the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board (@WSLCB) Marijuana Traceability API, per the State of Washington’s compliance requirements.

6. Weedmaps

Source: weedmaps.com.
Source: weedmaps.com.

Weedmaps is the world’s largest online cannabis finder that features comprehensive dispensary menus, highly interactive maps and community reviews. The offering is available for both iOS and Android devices.

5. Potbotics

Source: potbiotics.com.

Potbotics is a mobile app and medical cannabis recommendation engine for matching custom strains and cannabinoid levels to patients’ unique needs and conditions.

4. Printabowl

Source: printabowl.co.

One of the first to merge cannabis and 3D printing, Washington-based Printabowl offers designer-sculpted marijuana smoking bowls printed to order.

3. Kanavape

Source: kanavape.com.

Leading cannabis vaporizer manufacturer Kanevape has developed the world’s first CBD hemp vaporizer for avoiding combustion and reducing odors while dosing.

2. GrowBuddy

Source: growbuddy.com.
Source: growbuddy.com.

GrowBuddy is an app for cannabis farm management—growers can stay up-to-date on growth stages, make notes, monitor production, keep a journal, and more. The solution even offers a marketplace for ordering growing supplies and materials.

1. Headset

Source: headset.io.

Headset’s platform provides cannabis enterprises with advanced industry insights and operational intelligence for boosting sales and streamlining the business.

In short, the cannabis industry is in full-bloom and expected to be worth $50 billion by 2026. Be sure to keep this space on your radar, as 2017 is expected to be a landmark year for cannatech firms and service providers.



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