11 Tech Startups in Macedonia You Need to Know About in 2017

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A decade ago, the Republic of Macedonia had the highest unemployment rate on the continent; today, the Balkan country is one of southeastern Europe’s rising stars in the world of global tech startups.

In fact, the World Bank recently placed Macedonia at #4 in its list of 190 best countries to start a business. The following are 11 of its leading tech startups you need to be aware of in 2017.

11. Iconcrafts

Source: iconcrafts.com.
Source: iconcrafts.com.

Iconcrafts is an icon creation platform that allows users to select, customize, and download custom-created icons in various formats (e.g., PNG, SVG). The solution includes everything to get started quickly: icon symbols, backgrounds, pre-made themes, and more.

10. Brainster

Source: brainster.co.
Source: brainster.co.

Brainster is an online learning platform that features a wide variety of courses available for offline attendance/instruction, from mobile app development to street photography.

9. EmbedSocial

Source: embedsocial.com.

EmbedSocial makes it easy to embed Facebook albums, tweets, and Instagram photos into a website. The solution is being used by Microsoft, British Council, iStyle, Swisslion, Studio Moderna, and other prominent enterprises.

8. VapourApps

Source: vapour-apps.com.

VapourApps is a private cloud provider offering a set of core applications for small/medium and large businesses: virtualization, active directory, monitoring, backup/storage, VPN, email, and more. All services are can be accessed via a centralized management console.

7. Mobidonia

Source: mobidonia.com.
Source: mobidonia.com.

Mobidonia’s online mobile app generator is a DIY tool for creating iOS and Android apps—the offering purportedly speeds up development time up to 99%.

6. NulaBox

Source: nulabox.com.
Source: nulabox.com.

NulaBox is a social media feed creation service that integrates social feeds into a single stream—users can then embed the stream into their website to display the most recent feeds and posts from configured social sources.

5. Let’s Fund It

Source: letsfundit.mk.
Source: letsfundit.mk.

Created by the NGO Summer Work and Travel Alumni Macedonia (SWTA), Let’s Fund It is Macedonia’s first crowdsourcing platform—the solution connects local entrepreneurs and innovators to investors for launching innovative projects.

4. u:Plug

Source: uplug.me.

u:Plug has developed an innovative charging solution that allows for faster and smarter charging—the unit outputs 5V and 2A of electricity for a faster charge while keeping batteries healthy, protecting them from “stress charging” and overcharging.

3. Claxi

Source: claxi.net.

Claxi’s ridesharing app connects passengers with local drivers for fast and convenient pick-ups/drop-offs. Users can select taxis based on several criteria such as price, estimated arrival time, top-rated drivers, and more.

2. MarkO


Source: marko.tips.

MARKO—short for “Manual in Augmented Reality, Kit in Overlay—is a software-as-a-service and accompanying app that uses mobile augmented reality for creating more effective training and support materials.

1. Inclinatio

Source: inclinat.io.

Inclinatio’s mobile solution enables orthopedic professionals to easily examine patients, diagnose illnesses, and provide accurate results with a few taps. The offering gives geographically dispersed and remote populations access to quality, affordable orthopedic health care.

From smart charging technologies to DIY mobile development tools, the preceding 11 tech startups are putting Macedonia on the map when it comes to global tech innovation—be sure to keep them on your radar in 2017 and beyond




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