17 Tech Startups from Helsinki You Need to Know About in 2017

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Helsinki has quickly evolved into one of Europe’s most promising hubs for innovation—as the home base of Slush, Europe’s leading startup event, the capital enjoys a constant influx of creative energy and entrepreneurship. Local mega successes such as Supercell and Rovio (Angry Birds) are further testament to the city’s potential as a launchpad for innovative ventures.

Over 500 startups currently call the city home—here are 17 of the best from Helsinki you need to be aware of in 2017 and beyond.

17. UpCloud

Source: upcloud.com.

UpCloud is a cloud hosting/IaaS provider with datacenters based in the UK, USA, Germany and Finland. The services offers speed and performance benefits that rival leading cloud vendors such as AWS.

16. Funzi 

Source: funzi.fi.

Funzi makes learning accessible to everyone by offering lightweight, high-quality training modules on its free mobile platform. The mobile-optimized web app works on all devices and desktops.

15. Futureplay

Source: play.google.com.

Futureplay’s free-spirited, playful attitude has become a signature trait of this leading game studio. Its two App Store hits Farm Away! and Build Away! have attracted the attention of numerous notable investors.

14. Smartly.io 

Source: smartly.io.

Smartly.io’s digital advertising optimization platform enables users to acquire customers online more efficiently and in greater numbers. The company offers 24/5 real-time support and has already expanded to San Francisco, New York, Berlin, and Singapore.

13. Wolt

Source: play.google.com.

Wolt’s food delivery app is a popular option for local foodies in need of dining inspiration—the app recommends what/where to eat and even provides delivery time estimates. The offering is currently available in Helsinki, two other cities in Finland, Stockholm, and Tallinn—with other Nordic and Baltic cities in the works.

12. Umbra

Source: umbra3d.com.

Umbra’s 3D rendering optimization solution enables game developers to improve frame rates or increase the detail/size of their game worlds with minimal effort. Its technology can stream vast, complex 3D scans to smartphones without noticeable loss of speed, and supports all game types—from the PlayStation to PC formats.

11. Seriously

Source: play.google.com.

Helsinki/Los Angeles-based game studio Seriously is made up of a world-class team of professionals from 20th Century Fox, Disney, and Rovio, among others. The company has already seen its popular Best Fiends title downloaded more than 35 million times.

10. MONI


Source: moni.com.

MONI’s personal finance service and app offers prepaid MasterCard functionality with no fees and a unique “Circle of Trust” feature: users can set aside or receive money through an interest-free loan ecosystem between friends.

9. Flashnode

Source: flashnode.com.

Similar to Zapier, Flashnode’s platform enables users to connect their SaaS and business apps automatically. The solution currently supports a myriad of popular business offerings, from Magento and WooCommerce to Salesforce.com.

8. Kontena

Source: kontena.io.

If you’ve heard of Docker, you will certainly appreciate this startup’s efforts. Kontena’s open-source toolset and container/microservices platform enables organizations to deploy, manage, scale, and monitor containerized applications on any cloud infrastructure—on-premise, cloud or hybrid.

7. Bonusway

Source: bonusway.fi.

Bonusway is an e-commerce loyalty service that offers cash rewards and incentives for online shoppers in Finland, Sweden, Turkey, and Russia. Some online vendors in its network include Hotels.com, Zalando, Ellos, and Booking.com, among others.

6. Midaxo

Source: midaxo.com.

Midaxo’s M&A platform streamlines/automates the resources and tasks typically used in M&A activities—the tool is currently the platform of choice for leading global enterprises such as HP Enterprise, PTC, Philips, and ADT, among others.

5. Valossa

Source: val.ai.

Valossa develops AI-powered video analysis solutions. Our proprietary AI understands the deep content data of videos and provides structured metadata for video summarization, discovery, content management and monetization.

4. Adusso

Source: adusso.com.

Adusso develops sophisticated usability testing tools for a myriad of industries. Its innovative UXblackbox records all user-computer interactions—screen movements, mouse clicks, and on-screen reactions—as modular, easy-to-analyze video clips.

3. Solu

Source: solu.co.
Source: solu.co.

Solu has developed the world’s smallest general-purpose computer—a “social computer”—sporting a sleek form factor, intuitive user interface, and unique subscription model. Additionally, its Solu OS is the first to use the cloud as a key operating system component.

2. Apped

Source: apped.com.

Apped is a leading developer of enterprise mobile apps—its mobile device offerings aim to improve employee and organizational productivity and integrate automatically to existing business systems.

1. The Curious AI Company

Source: thecuriousaicompany.com.

With such an intriguing company name and technology to match, The Curious AI Company is a Helsinki-based startup that has garnered much media attention lately. The firm’s Ladder Networks technology serves as a global reference model for unsupervised machine learning implementations.

These 17 innovative ventures are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to promising Helsinki startups. Be sure to keep this northern European city on your radar for more amazing tech innovations in 2017 and beyond.



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