15 Tech Startups from Nebraska You Need to Know About in 2017

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The midwestern U.S. state of Nebraska may evoke images of rolling prairies and farmland, but these days the Cornhusker State is a vibrant tech hub with an active tech startup ecosystem. A myriad of state-funded programs and resources designed to spur entrepreneurship and innovation are key drivers of this transformation.

From real-time video analytics for fleet management to tool sharing platforms, here are 15 tech startups from Nebraska you need to know about in 2017.

15. Hip Pocket

Source: hippocket.net.

Hip Pocket combines social influence and personalized consultation to generate qualified mortgage or retirement leads. The solution is being used by banks and credit users to engage mobile/website visitors to make purchase decisions.

14. Flywheel

Source: getflywheel.com.

Flywheel’s WordPress CMS hosting platform enablesweb designers, freelancers, and creative agencies to easily launch and manage clients’ websites, sans deep technical know-how. The company took the “Startup of the Year” and “Best Culture” awards at the 2015 Silicon Prairie Awards.

13. ScoreVision

Source: scorevision.com.
Source: scorevision.com.

ScoreVision’s innovative platform consists of a commercial-grade scoreboard display in a variety of sizes/formats, a Producer app that functions as a universal remote and management console, and a Fan app that provides game updates and announcements remotely.

12. Gazella

Source: gazellawifi.com.

Gazella’s guest wifi solution for restaurants and hotels works like other captive portal technologies, but instead of using a room number to authenticate, users simply engage via social (e.g., “like” the establishment’s Facebook page) or enter their email address.

11. LifeLoop

Source: ourlifeloop.com.
Source: ourlifeloop.com.

LifeLoop’s solution for senior living communities connects residents, families, and coworkers on an integrated communications platform. Notable features include calendar management, resident tracking and reporting, connections management, and more.

10. Travefy

Source: play.google.com.

Travefy develops tools for both travel professionals and consumers—notable offerings include Travefy Personal, a free group travel planner for consumers and Travefy Professional—an app for building/sending beautiful itineraries and quotes. The company also offers APIs for building custom integrations.

Source: drivespotter.com.

Drive Spotter’s fleet management solution uses real-time video analytics to help fleet and safety managers realize operational efficiencies, enhance safety, and cut down problem resolution time.

8. Spletter

Source: play.google.com.
Source: giveproseeds.com.

Proceeds combines online retail with philantropy by enabling people to support their favorite local nonprofit organizations through their purchases. Users select their favorite charitable organization to support—whenever they make a purchase from a participating merchant, 5 percent of the sale is automatically donated to the non-profit.

6. Powderhook

Source: play.google.com.

Powderhook is a mobile app/platform that connects hunters and fishermen with the broader community at large—the offering features the best places to hunt and fish, peer recommendations, group events, and more. Additionally, its Powderhook PRO solution gives leading outdoor brands online tools for building awareness, driving leads, and increase revenues.

5. MusicSpoke

Source: musicspoke.com.

MusicSpoke’s sheet music marketplace and platform offers “scores” of music available for instant purchase and download. The platform is dedicated to offering quality scores, supporting talented composers, and building a community of trust between musicians.

4. Envudu

Source: envudu.com.

Envudu’s unique money management platform and payment card allows users to create virtual envelopes tied to individual spending categories. Envelopes are automatically loaded with funds upon pay day, automatically prioritizing spending amounts and enforcing better financial management habits.

3. T’Work

Source: gettwork.com.

T’Work is a crowdsharing platform for tools: users simply upload photos of equipment for rent and set a rental price. The company takes care of details such as legal agreements, payment, and pick up/delivery schedules.

2. Liberty

Source: libertymobilitynow.com.

Liberty’s innovative ridesharing platform aims to improve mobility in rural areas by connecting public transportation with a rural, Uber-like service. The platform consists of a passenger app and driver app, available for both iOS and Android devices.

1. Ocuvera

Source: ocuvera.com.

Ocuvera’s innovative monitoring solution uses a 3D camera and specialized imaging software to detect patient movement and predict intent. The company’s patented predictive technology is integrated into EliteForm PowerTracker units, in use by collegiate and professional sports teams and military special forces around the world.

As you can see, Nebraska is a hotbed of tech startup innovation these days—be sure to keep these 15 startups on your radar in 2017 and beyond. And special thanks to Silicon Prairie News for helping us compile this list of remarkable startups—for more tech innovation from America’s Silicon Prairie, please visit www.siliconprairienews.com.



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