15 Tech Startups from Indonesia You Need to Know About in 2017

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One of Southeast Asia’s most promising rising tigers, Indonesia has seen its tech startup activity skyrocket in the past few years—in fact, its economy is expected to top Germany and the U.K.’s within two decades, a testament to the vast, untapped potential of Indonesia’s markets.

Indonesia also boasts one of the world’s top 5 social and mobile subscriber markets—conditions that have fostered a lively community of social networking and mobile app-based ventures, among others.  Here are the top 15 tech startups from Indonesia you need to know about in 2017.

15. Zeemi

Source: iTunes.apple.com.
Source: itunes.apple.com.

Zeemi’s live-streaming social networking app allows users to broadcast their experiences in real-time. The solution is available for both iOS and Android devices.

14. Scoop

Source: play.google.com.
Source: play.google.com.

Scoop’s app gives mobile users a novel  way to read digitized books and magazines—the company has already partnered with publishers from the U.S., India, Singapura, and Malaysia and offers a collection of over 50,000 books and magazines.

13. iprice

Source: iprice.co.id.
Source: iprice.co.id.

iprice offers shoppers a wide selection of products/brands from hundreds of partners in Southeast Asia. The website provides easy-to-use price comparison features and updated coupons and deals.

12. Happy Fresh

Source: happyfresh.id.

HappyFresh delivers fresh food, produce, and other goods directly to its customers’ door step. Deliveries are fulfilled in an hour or less.

11. YesBoss

Source: yesbossnow.com.
Source: yesbossnow.com.

The YesBoss app is a virtual assistant communicates with users over SMS. Book flights, make restaurant reservations, make personal shopping purchases, and more—all by communicating with the app’s bots.

10 Hijup

Source: play.google.com.
Source: play.google.com.

Hijup is the world’s first Islamic fashion e-commerce platform—the web/mobile app features a wide range of fashion items from leading Indonesian Islamic fashion designers: clothing, hijabs/headscarves, accessories, and more.


Source: ngomik.com.

Ngomik—slang for “reading comics”—has developed an innovative digital comic book publishing platform to support local artists/authors. The platform currently offers thousands of titles from major Indonesian publishers and comic book artists.

8. Eragano

Source: eragano.com.

Eragano’s app is an end-to-end solution for helping farmers improve their yield and livelihood. Users can access agriculture-related information, connect to microlending providers—even sell produce direct to hotels and restaurants through its online marketplace.

7. TanyaDok

Source: tanyadok.com.

TanyaDok’s healthcare portal allows users to access health information from anywhere, anytime. Users have access to over 300 doctors in a variety of specialties to consult with regarding their health concerns .

6. Kudo

Source: kudo.co.id.
Source: kudo.co.id.

Kudo’s solution enables aspiring online retailers to easily open  up their own e-commerce store without having to maintain inventory or a physical storefront/warehouse. The reseller platform offers millions of products from reputable merchants.

5. eFishery

Source: efishery.com.
Source: efishery.com.

eFishery has developed a smart fish/shrimp feeding technology for use in aquafarming operations. The device follows a programmed feeding schedule and records/logs all feeds in real time, reducing the chance of overfeeding.

4. Bridestory

Source: play.google.com.
Source: play.google.com.

Bridestory is a leading online global wedding directory and marketplace that connects engaged couples to wedding professionals and vendors around the world. The app is available for desktop and iOS/Android devices.

3. UangTeman

Source: play.gogle.com.
Source: play.google.com.

UangTemanis Indonesia’s first online loan provider—users can use the platform to apply for short-term loans with fewer restrictions than conventional banks and financial institutions.

2. Sribulancer

Source: sribulancer.com.
Source: sribulancer.com.

Sribulancer a freelancer marketplace that connects hiring managers to skilled professionals around the world, from programmers and web developers to videographers and bloggers/writers.

1. Baca

Source: play.google.com

Baca is a leading content aggregator/reading app that analyzes the contents and popularity of news items and delivers them to users based on their preferences. The offering purportedly has over 1 million active users in Indonesia and collects between 20,000 to 25,000 articles from 500 publications daily.

In short, Indonesia has no shortage of tech talent and entrepreneurial spirit; these 15 tech startups are just a handful of the many promising ventures coming out of this leading Southeast Asian country. Be sure to keep them on you radar in 2017 as they refine their offerings and prepare to expand to other markets.



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