Top 11 Free Apps and Online Tools Every Tech Entrepreneur Should Know About

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At the risk of sounding redundant, even technology innovators need help from technology. Successful tech entrepreneurs are likely to cite their own unique list of digital tools for improving the quality, efficiently, and rate of their output.

And these days, no shortage of tools and resources exist—many free—for simplifying and automating the mundane details, allowing users to focus on more critical projects and tasks. Here are the top 11 apps and online tools every tech entrepreneur should know about.

11. Boomerang for Gmail


Tech entrepreneurs are legendary for their sleeping habits (or lack thereof)—fortunately, Boomerang’s Gmail scheduler enables users to write and schedule emails slated for delivery at a later date or time.

10. Due


Due is a free time tracking tool for managing billable projects—the offering features pre-built invoicing templates, recurring invoices, a client/project database, domestic/global credit card processing for payments, and more.

9. Growth Supply


Growth Supply is an online resource chock full of free tools designed for cash-strapped tech startups, from online logo makers and design tools to collaboration and productivity apps—all free.

8. Grammarly


Let’s face it—typos and grammatical errors are unbecoming, even for irreverent tech startup founders. Grammarly is an web-based proofreading tool for ensuring that a document’s grammar, spelling, and punctuation are up to snuff. The tool also features a nifty plagiarism detector for identifying text “borrowed” from other websites.

7. Social Mention


As its name implies, Social Mention’s social media monitoring app notifies users whenever their company or product is mentioned online. The tool is especially useful for keeping tabs on competitors, as well as performing online sentiment analysis for your brand.

6. Shake


Shake is an easy-to-use solution for creating, signing, and sending legally binding documents all through one consolidated platform. To get users started quickly, the tool comes with a set of free, ready-to-use legal agreements and contracts.

5. Hiveage


Hivage is another invoicing tool that features a unique scoreboard dashboard layout for easier visual management and a host of other features: expense management, mileage tracking, online payment processing, and more.



Looking for a quick way to garner press/traffic based on your subject matter expertise as a tech founder? HARO—short for “Help a Reporter Out”—is a tool that sends journalist requests and media coverage opportunities to professionals willing to respond to inquiries.

3. Canva


Canva is a no-cost Photoshop alternative for whipping up quick presentation graphics or laying down design schematics on-the-fly. The tool comes with free templates and a library of pre-built graphics and icons.

2. Buffer


Buffer’s social media management tool helps busy tech founders streamline their social marketing initiatives. The tool enables users to manage all their social accounts via one console, schedule posts, create drip campaigns for sending out periodic updates on schedule, and analyze post views/metrics.

1. Startup Stash


Again, every tech founder has a personal selection of tooling favorites. Be sure to check out Startup Stash to build out your own toolchain—the website features an up-to-date, curated database of startup resources used by over half a million entrepreneurs globally to build their companies.

In short, tech entrepreneurs these days are no longer saddled by expensive, monolithic office productivity suites. Be sure to check out these free purpose-built tools and resources designed to give founders a boost in creating and managing their startup ventures.



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