Top 7 Tech Startups from London Creating Products and Solutions for Filmmakers in 2017

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The film and technology industry are both developing at a rapid pace, with the likes of Netflix providing viewers and filmmakers with innovative ways to interact with the visual medium. London tech startups, in more ways than one, are secret frontrunners in these new developments.

So, without further, it’s time to shine a light on some of London’s most promising film-related tech trailblazers—here are 7 to watch in 2017 and beyond.

7. Usheru


Usheru makes the process of finding cinema tickets simple—the app provides moviegoers with information on film events, film festivals, and special offers based on their individual preferences (e.g., location, pricing). And for film distributors, the solution cuts the cost of marketing by targeting specific audiences.

6. Arts Alliance Media


Arts Alliance Media is a digital software and service provider for the film industry—its Thunderstorm offering is an online marketplace that helps to promote a more stimulating viewer experience by allowing audiences to interact with the big screen via social media.

5. We Are Colony


We Are Colony’s streaming service  was designed for diehard film fans who refuse to settle for the rigid format and inadequacies of the 90-minute feature. Users can explore endless hours of extra film footage that film producers don’t often bother to release.

4. We Got Pop



We Got Pop connects crew, service providers and agencies alike to the rest of the film community. The integrated platform enables a fluid production process versus conventional filmmaking methods that rely heavily on manual systems.

3. Seen It


While filming a protest for her rhino poaching documentary in South Africa, film producer Emily Forbes realised something: the protestors were already capturing the footage she needed on their smartphones. And with that, Seen It was born—a platform that enables users from around the world to create documentaries using every day footage.

2. EXhibit Visuals


EXhibit Visuals has developed an interactive platform/social network that allows users to upload and share inspiring video content like short films, music videos and fashion footage. Users can then connect with famous brands, giving their work the recognition it deserves without having to compete with popular videos on streaming sites such as YouTube.

1. FilmDoo


FilmDoo aims to introduce international films to a global audience. Described as “Soundcloud meets iTunes”, the platform connects a worldwide community of users who watch/share content that is not often viewed on commercial screens.

London boasts a bevy of pioneers who have made notable contributions towards an industry that is growing and in constant transformation—these 7 startups serve to mobilise, develop, and ultimately champion the art of filmmaking using new digital tools and formats. Be sure to keep them on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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