Top 7 Tech Startups from the Virgin Islands You Need to Know About in 2017

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The Virgin Islands have long been the ideal holiday getaway for vacation goers, but a growing number of entrepreneurs and startup investors are also finding the island paradise’s business climate ideal for launching new digital products and services. However, business tax incentives are just one of many benefits that both the U.S. and British Virgin Islands offers its local entrepreneurs.

Of course, the Virgin Islands are recognized globally by leading banks and investors for providing a neutral platform with safe, private access to capital. This reputation has also attracted many private businesses that have in turn drawn the interest of foreign investors. Local tech startups have been a primary beneficiary of this global attention—the following are 7 you should be aware of in 2017 and beyond.

7. VINO Optics


VINO develops specialized lenses and glasses for use by surgeons, pilots, EMTs, and others that require enhanced color vision on-the-job. For example, its optical technologies are used by physicians to enhance perception of facets of the blood under the skin.

6. The Caribbean Solar Company


The Caribbean Solar Company is focused on providing solar solutions to residences and businesses for both primary use and backup purposes. The company also develops solutions that enable customers to monitor their electricity and water consumption via any connected device.

5. Blockchain


Blockchain’s solution acts as a wallet for Bitcoins—purportedly the largest of its kind in the world. The team consists of passionate coders that aim to create a fair and open/transparent monetary platform for use by all world citizens.

4. Status Zilla


Crafting eye-catching and creative status updates can be challenging for even the most savvy social media aficionados. To help out in this regard, StatusZilla provides a unique resource for creating viral, attention grabbing status updates and quotes.

3. Nu U Box


NU U Box’s monthly subscription service delivers an assortment of specially-sourced health and beauty products for improving users’ well-being to their doorsteps. The company has been featured in prominent publications such as Vogue Magazine, among others.

2. Gambody


Gambody’s 3D printing marketplace is a platform for users to buy and sell 3D-printable models based on popular computer and video games.

1. Invmail


Consumer and business concerns over digital privacy are at an all-time high—tapping into this growing demand, Invmail has developed a secure zero-knowledge communications platform that offers facilities such as e-mail, video/voice calling, messaging capabilities, and more.

In short, starting up in paradise is no longer an entrepreneurial pipe dream, and these 7 tech startups from the Virgin Islands are a testament to this—be sure to keep them on your radar in 2017 and beyond



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