13 Tech Startups from Lahore You Need to Know About in 2017

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In recent years, young tech entrepreneurs have been tapping into Pakistan’s vast market potential to bring their innovative products and services to market—in many cases, supported by local programs/initiatives and funding. For example, Lahore-based Plan9—the country’s largest incubator—was launched by PITB to empower local startups and connect them with global investors or accelerators.

From social sentiment-supported free wifi to personal fitness apps, the following are 13 innovative tech startups from Lahore you need to be aware of in 2017 and beyond.

13. Patari

Source: play.google.com.

Patari is a Pakistani music streaming website sporting a collection that spans decades—users can explore playlists, get new song recommendations, and more. The platform also allows enables musicians to promote and monetize their music.

12. Wifigen

Source: wifigen.xyz.

Wifigen enables retailers to offer their customers free wifi in exchange for Facebook likes or Twitter follows. On the backend, retailers can view detailed analytics about their visitors ,create ads/coupons, run promotions, and more.

11. RepairDesk

Source: repairdesk.co.

RepairDesk is a cloud-based solution for mobile phone repair shops—the solution offers repair tracking, inventory management, return customer tracking, and customer feedback collection, all through a streamlined interface.

10. FindMyAdventure

Source: findmyadventure.pk.

FindMyAdventure enables Pakistan-bound travelers to explore the beauty of Pakistan through its online tourism portal. Users can search for travel information based on location or type of activity.

9. Car Butlers

Source: carbutlers.pk.

CarButlers is an on-demand car wash service delivered to your doorstep. Users simply book an appointment online, set their location, and await the arrival of their “butler.”

8. MangoBaaz

Source: mangobaaz.com.

MangoBaaz is a leading online media platform that develops original content targeting Pakistan’s digitally-oriented youth. The company recently launched MangoBaaz Campus—a web portal designed for students.

7. Beauty Hooked

Source: beautyhooked.com.

Beauty Hooked is an online platform that allows women to search and compare local beauty service providers in their vicinity. Users can book appointments, redeem discounts/promotional offers, receive expert salon/product reviews, and more.

6. ShadiBox

Source: shadibox.com.

Planning a wedding can be a serious undertaking—to help simply the planning process, ShadiBox’s platform allows users to compare and book products/services from the best event managers, photographers, dress/jewelry designers, furniture makers, and more. The website also features its “Shadiblog” for sharing wedding ideas, tips, and experiences.

5. Nutright

Source: play.google.com.

The first of its kind in Pakistan, Nutright provides users with a personalized fitness solution without needing to go to a gym, nutritionist, or doctor. The app helps track weight loss progress, dietary habits, and daily water intake—as well as meal plans, exercise routines, and other personal fitness information.

4. Cricflex

Source: cricflex.com.

Cricflex has designed the world’s first affordable, smart wearable device for cricketers that detects illegal bowling actions. The solution helps cricketers improve their game by tracking arm speed, amount of ball spin, and more.

3. CampusFeed

Source: play.google.com.

CampusFeed’s mobile app allows users to create specialized social networks for campuses. Students can discuss courses, review instructors, and broadcast current events/news. The offering has already been launched at the campuses of LUMS, BNU and LSE.

2. Payload

Source: payload.pk.

Payload’s aim is to facilitate the adoption of Bitcoin in Pakistan—the platform provides sellers with tools and services that make the digital currency a sensible payment option for customers. For example, its technology allows businesses to accept payments in Bitcoin while only handling Pakistani Rupees.

1. Healthwire

Source: healthwire.pk.

Healthwire’s goal is to help improve healthcare access in Pakistan—its free platform enables patients to find a doctor or dentist and view information such as clinical interests/specialties, academic credentials, achievements and citations, and more. Appointments can then be booked via any connected device.

In short, Pakistan’s young entrepreneurs—spurred by local government initiatives and universities—are constantly bringing new digital products and services to market. In fact, many of Lahore’s top universities like LUMS, FAST, and COMSATS are associated with incubators to position local student innovators for success. Be sure to keep these city and its tech startups on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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