13 IoT Tech Startups from the UK You Need to Know About in 2017

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The UK is home to a myriad of tech startups building innovative Internet of Things (IoT) products and services designed to improve efficiencies and automating lifestyles.

From clever car alarms to soil sensors for farmers, proximity advertising to remote energy monitoring, the following are just a few of the IoT startups from the UK you need to know in 2017.

13. OpenTRV

Source: twitter.com/@OpenTRV.
Source: twitter.com/@OpenTRV.

OpenTRV’s solution helps users save energy by selectively heating the rooms in the home currently in use. The device is simple to use/install and fits the existing UK housing stock.

12. KisanHub

Source: kisanhub.com.
Source: kisanhub.com.

KisanHub’s solutions use in-field sensors and satellite technology to collect data that can be helpful to farmers. Some of the critical information collected and displayed on its intuitive dashboards include irrigation, rainfall, crop growth levels.

11. Pycno

Source: pycno.co.uk.

Pycno develops IoT sensors that power continuous data monitoring and system control solutions for the agriculture industry. The company offers a simple, inexpensive way to collect real-time weather and soil data from a field or greenhouse and visualize/process it using cloud-driven analytics.

10. Den

Source: getden.co.uk.

Den is a developer of smart home products like its app-controlled smart light switch and smart plug socket solution that enable users to easily turn on/off appliances and home lighting remotely.


Source: evrythng.com.
Source: evrythng.com.

Evrythg develops services that connect consumer products—cars, beer bottles, clothes, homes, and more—to the web with accurate, real-time data. The company has already expanded to 4 countries.

8. nCube

Source: play.google.com.
Source: play.google.com.

nCube calls itself the “brain at the heart of your home”—the solution connects all your smart devices to a single app that also works offline, enabling users to control all of their home devices from one place.

7. OpenSensors

Source: opensensors.io.
Source: opensensors.io.

OpenSensors facilitates connecting to all kinds of devices: smartphones, sensors, gateways, and more. Using the platform, users can explore and use datasets contributed by other makers alongside their own data.

6. Seamless

Source: seamless.li.
Source: seamless.li.

Car alarms are effective at deterring theft—but they assume the car owners are within earshot distance. Seamless’ automotive security app allows users keep a track of their cars from anywhere, alerting them when suspicious activity is detected.

5. Telit

Source: telit.com.

Telit is the global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) enablement. We offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of integrated products, platforms and services to support and enable IoT deployments from things to apps. Our portfolio of modules addresses all cellular communication technologies, GNSS and short-to-long range wireless applications. Our IoT connectivity plans and IoT platform services help reduce the risks, time to market, complexity and costs associated with deploying and providing IoT services across industries and vertical markets worldwide.

4. Chirp.io

Source: chirp.io.

This company has developed a groundbreaking method for sharing data between devices: via sound. Instead of using technologies like Bluetooth to pair devices, users instead press a yellow “Chirp” button and wait for anyone using the app to hear the sound.

3. DevicePilot

Source: devicepilot.com.
Source: devicepilot.com.

DevicePilot’s solution allows IoT-enabled firms to manage their connected products automatically to avoid escalating costs. The company currently has millions of connected products under its management.

2. Human Electric

Source: humanelectric.co.

Human Electric develops innovative IoT solutions like its SpotFerret technology: a network of wireless solar powered sensors that help drivers park, pay/retrieve their vehicles, and more. The offering also comes with a backend mobile app for accessing parking analytics and reporting.

1. FlickTek

Source: flicktek.com.

FlickTek has developed a finger gesture controller for wearables, IoT and VR. The solution’s wrist-based sensor understands finger movements, enabling faster and more natural user interactions.

According to Gartner, 6.4 billion “things” will be in use in 2016—some of these developed by companies like the aforementioned 13 tech startups. Be sure to keep an eye on these 13 innovative UK IoT startups as they launch or refine their solutions and services in 2017 and beyond.


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