Top 11 Tech Startups from Chile You Need to Know About in 2017

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With a new year comes new tech innovation—and unsurprisingly, Latin America (LATAM) has taken the lead on the global stage with a myriad of forward-thinking ventures. Chile in particular has been at the forefront of much of this startup activity, spurred on by both local initiatives and foreign investment.

Last year, we looked at some of the main reasons why Chile is especially ideal for launching a tech venture—this year, we present 11 of the country’s best and brightest startups you need to be aware of in 2017 and beyond.

11. ALQ


ALQ is a platform for crowdsharing unused items—users simply log in, describe the items they wish to lease, and locate their options on an interactive map. The solution also features a rating system and a private loaning feature.

10. Trigger Systems


Trigger System develops IoT solutions for agriculture and environment use cases—for example, its IoT/cloud platform facilitates activities related to irrigation, pumping systems, and lake/water management, among others. Its cognitive learning solution uses calculation models that take advantage of the weather forecasts for automation, allowing for up to a 40% savings in water resources.

9. Sosmart Labs


Sosmart Labs is the maker of Momo, a GPS-enabled smart watch and mobile app designed especially for ensuring the safety of kids. Using the solution, parents can  call, send messages, and check the location of their kids at any moment.

8. Utopic Studio


Utopic Studies aims to replace traditional teaching methodologies in schools with immersive VR technologies. Through the use of multiple VR-powered immersive environments, experiences, and activities, educators can quickly enhance the reading skills of students and provide more engaging methods for learning.

7. MÜ Interactive Toys


MÜ has developed an interactive musical smart toy for children between 2-5 years old. Accompanied by an app for tracking the child’s feedback and actions, the solution pushes children’s creativity levels beyond the two dimensional limits of conventional touch screens by more fully stimulating their senses and motor skills.

6. Careband


Careband is a smart band for monitoring the vitals of babies and young children—information such as body temperature, oxygenation, blood pressure, and pulse are constantly tracked; if abnormal signs are detected, an alert is sent to the parent’s smartphone.



DUKO’s platform provides dog sitting and walking services via a network of verified professionals that promote animal welfare (cage-free sitting services) and responsible pet tenancy. The service even offers a limited vet warrant for immediate care in the case of emergencies.

4. SummaryClick


SummaryClick’s platform provides summarization capabilities for online content—the solution uses artificial intelligence and crowdsourced data to provide 100% precise summaries with a click of a button.

3. Teca


Teca’s streamlined platform provides online retailers with easy-to-use multichannel ordering and inventory management capabilities. The solution was especially designed to help Spanish-speaking, small/medium businesses more effectively manage their retails operations in today’s multichannel markets.

2. LinQ


LinQ’s human capital management app provides a simple and intuitive way to accomplish compensation and people management tasks. The solution’s holistic approach follows the premise that anyone can pay salaries. 



Hoope has developed an affordable and easy-to-use wearable medical device that allows for  painless and rapid testing for the 4 most common curable STDs in one test: syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and chlamydia. Test results are displayed in the accompanying Hoope app, along with relevant sexual health information/tips, follow-up recommendations and more.

In short, the year is already turning out to be a groundbreaking year for Chile’s startups; from smart learning solutions to IoT-powered agriculture platforms, these 13 ventures are fast becoming leaders among LATAM’s tech innovators—be sure to keep them on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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