Top 11 Tech Startups from Ecuador You Need to Know About in 2017

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Despite ongoing economic challenges, Ecuador’s tech startup environment has nonetheless produced an impressive array of digital offerings and innovative solutions for local markets as well as Latin America (LATAM) and beyond.

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From Taxi hailing apps to cloud-based backoffice systems for small/medium businesses, the following are 11 of the top tech startups from Ecuador you need to know about in 2017 and beyond.



Spanish for “Find Today,” EncuentraHoy is B2B business directory and search/review platform. The solution features a database of suppliers and contractors for one-off transactions and/or long-term partnerships. Registered companies are searchable by industry and offer ratings from previous customers and partners.

10. Qatuy


Many Ecuadorian small businesses have yet to tap into the benefits of digitization such as ecommerce and mobile ordering apps due to perceived high costs and complexity. To address these needs, Qatuy’s platform enables  traditional businesses to accept online orders easily, without technical expertise—vendors are notified of new orders via phone, text, or email.

9. Dátil


Like EncuentraHoy, Dátil is focused on providing small/medium businesses cost-effective and easy-to-use tools for digitizing their operations. Its solution provides ecommerce, enterprise resource planning (ERP), business intelligence, and accounting tools in a single p

latform—while managing to remain easy enough to use by even the least tech-savvy vendor.

8. Yambuu


Yambuu develops secure email and communications tools for increasing data privacy and security—for example, it allows users to encrypt email messages, schedule send times, trace their deliver, and more.

7. Zigo


Hailing a taxi in a different country can be a chancy experience—Zigo’s taxi hailing app aims to improve this experience for both locals and visitors with its taxi-hailing app. Drivers can be selected based on criteria such as vehicle type, driver rating, and proximity to the user. Users can also see their taxi approaching in real time for added control and security.

6. Saycont


Saycont provides automation solutions for homes, offices, warehouses/factories, and more. Some of its offerings include access control and industrial automation/control tools, smart blinds, smart lighting, and more.

5. Origo


Origo focuses on utilizing technologies such as e-beacons and GPS for internal navigation solutions—use cases include locating children, finding a parking space, purchasing event tickets without standing in line, finding hotel rooms, and more.

4. Monitorica


Monitorica is a powerful website testing platform that provides real-time results for optimal SEO, performance, social media engagement, usability, and more. The solution is used by web development firms, agencies, freelancers, website owners, and more.

3. Cash In


Cash In’s mobile app allows users to set financial goals and savings targets; additionally, users are presented with various options for investing their saved money to increase profitability or purchasing affiliated products/services at a discount.

2. Cuestionarix


Cuestionarix provides a gamified platform for prepping high school students for standardized admission exams. The solution features interactive exercises, practice exams, explanatory video lessons, live tutors. and more.

1. Siplik


Siplik combines innovative ehealth tools with the power of online collaboration—the Big Data-powered web and mobile platform allows users to schedule doctor’s appointments, receive video consultations, schedule labs test samples, order prescriptions, and more.

In short, Ecuador’s tech startup ecosystem may be the key to the country’s economic transformation—keep an eye on these 11 innovators as they refine their products and services in 2017 and beyond.



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  1. There are apps that are not even a prototype.

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