15 Tech Startups from Africa You Need to Know About in 2017

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2017 is turning out to be an exciting year for Africa’s tech startups—from Egypt to Ghana, innovative ventures continue to bring to market products and services addressing the needs and challenges of the continent and world at large.

Over the past few years, Africa has evolved into an integral force shaping the future of tech; the following are the best and brightest startups you need to be aware of in 2017.

15. Wala

Source: getwala.com.

Wala’s digital banking platform providers consumers in emerging markets with digital banking services, starting with South Africa. Notable features include free savings accounts and P2P payment capabilities to other Wala customers.

14. Maptech Logistics

Source: maptechlogistix.com.

Ghana-based Maptech Logistics is a GIS and geospatial analysis solutions provider—the company develops logistics and supply chain management solutions that enable companies to map out their customers and send them location-based alerts.

13. Taxijet

Source: itunes.apple.com.

In most big cities across the globe, taxis can be hard to come by during peak traffic hours. Côte d’Ivoire-based Taxiject addresses this problem locally by enabling commuters to book taxies conveniently via mobile app, thereby reducing wait times and improving safety, comfort, and convenience.

12. Instabug

Source: instabug.com.

Gizah-based Instabug has created a developer platform that provides in-app feedback and bug reporting for mobile apps. The solution currently runs on over 100 million devices and has thus far facilitated the reporting of 20 million software bugs.

11. Ventsell

Source: ventsell.com.

Ventsell is an Accra-based crowdfunding and e-ticketing platform for creative projects and events. The offering features an array of fundable projects from leading innovators, talent, and startups—from charity-based ventures to creative tech and art offerings.

10. Etudesk

Source: etudesk.com.

Etudesk offers an online elearning course builder that enables users to create digital courses in less than a minute. Courses feature videos, quizzes and activities, as well as student progress tracking tools and discussion channels.

9. Road Rules

Source: roadrules.co.zw.

Road Rules is a test prep mobile application that offers driver’s license test preparation for users gearing up for official driving road tests. The app is optimised to work on various mobile devices and allows users to practice on-the-go.

8. Fuzu

Source: fuzu.com.

Fuzu is a Kenyan startup that connects promising young individuals to rewarding careers regardless of educational level. It achieves this by identifying their unique strengths and improving their skills/personal career growth. Recruiters can also leverage Fuzu’s platform to locate individuals with unique skills and talents.

7. Jamii

Source: jamiiafrica.com.

Jamii’s microhealth insurance solution provides coverage to individuals and families of all sizes. The mobile policy management platform is due to launch in other African countries including Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.

6. Tutorama

Source: tutorama.me.

This Egyptian-based startup’s app connects parents with local tutors to arrange for tutoring services for their kids. The platform also allows parents to track the learning progress of their children online.

5. Flare

Source: flare.capsule.co.ke.

Flare is an emergency response app being developed by Kenyan startup Capsule—the mobile emergency system dispatches available ambulances at the request of patients and hospitals via smartphone.

4. SweepSouth

Source: play.google.com.

SweepSouth is a platform for booking, managing, and paying for home cleaning services via laptop or mobile device. Cleaning professionals are interviewed at length with full criminal background checks for ensuring customers’ safety.

3. Safemotos

Source: play.google.com.

SafeMotos is an Uber for motorcycle taxis—the solution uses telematic data from drivers’ smartphones to gauge how they drive; the app then connects customers to the safest available drivers. The company has been features

2. Jolancer

Source: jolancer.com.

Nigeria-based Jolancer is a platform that connects skilled Nigerian freelancers with potential clients—job seekers can  register their profiles and bid for projects in their line of expertise; similarly, clients can post their projects and search for candidates.

1. Aella Credit

Source: play.google.com.

Aella Credit’s instant credit platform enables Africans seeking loans to avoid the standard loan application process by allowing employees to borrow at competitive rates through their employers.

From motorcycle taxi hailing apps to cloud-based elearning authoring platforms, these top 15 tech startups from Africa are rising to meet the skyrocketing demand for digital products and services around the globe. Be sure to keep them on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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