Top 9 Tech Startups from Guyana You Need to Know About in 2017

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If you’ve heard of Guyana, you may know that the diminutive nation holds the distinction of being the only country in South America whose official language is English. In recent years, the technology sector has also been steadily expanding, with local businesses focused on providing technology-based solutions for improving efficiency and quality of life.

Many of Guyana’s tech startups are transitioning from technology services/consulting-based businesses to pure-play digital products and service offerings—the following are the top 9 you need to know about in 2017 and beyond.

9. SureGig


SureGig is a facilitator for job connections—the platform connects service providers to potential clients while provides hiring managers tools for screening and recruiting suitable candidates. The company also provides virtual assistance, customer service/support, and customer service training.

8. HoustyDesigns


Housty specializes in software development and social media marketing. The strives to create websites and use social media to deliver—as they say—“passionate, proactive, creative” work for their clients. The company also offers a social media marketing course for those wishing to advance their marketing expertise.

7. Innosys


InnoSys develops business process and management applications offered as software as a service (SaaS). The platform delivers human resources and payroll management, purchase and inventory, pharmacy management, medical inventory system, and electronic health records system functionality.

6. Trifinity Solutions


Trifinity is a local web/application development firm that also offers graphic design, security, and surveillance services.

5. UV3 Media


UV3 media is a creative agency that offers web development, media creation, and search engine optimization (SEO) services. The company offers clients unlimited design revisions and easy-to-use content management capabilities.

4. The Solution Center/Cyber Solutions


Cyber Solutions‘ diagnostic and optimization services enable businesses to be more integrated, efficient, organized, and cost-effective. Along with business process automation (BPA), the firm provide cybersecurity, remote technical support, and financial information system services.

3. weOwn Space


weOwn Space provides a comfortable and affordable space for users to co-work, network, study, or hold a conference. The facilities are equipped with high-speed internet, backup power, air conditioning, outdoor seating, a kitchen and restrooms, and more.



Developed by IntellectStorm, is a website and mobile app that offers everything you need to know about Guyana, all in one place—from the best spots to grab a bite, local events happening in the vicinity, flight schedules, or the local news.

1. Version75


Having won Guyana’s 2016 Hackathon competition with its incident reporting app Tell, Version75 is continuing to make waves in 2017; this year, its 2017 DevX event will enable developers to showcase their best work to local businesses, peers, young technologists,  and the rest of the world.

With more global attention being placed on the Guyanese tech industry than ever before, local tech startups are increasingly bringing innovative digital products and services to market—be sure to keep your eye on them in 2017 and beyond.



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