7 Tech Startups from Harrisburg You Need to Know About in 2017

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Tech startups may be common fixtures in New York and California, as well as prominent states like Washington and Massachusetts—but others are also fast becoming formidable hubs of innovation in their own right. This is especially the case in Pennsylvania, particularly in its capital of Harrisburg.

From healthcare analytics solutions to revenue management platforms, the following are the top 7 tech startups from Harrisburg that you need to know about in 2017 and beyond.

7. WebPageFX

Source: webpagefx.com.

WebpageFX is an internet marketing firm that provides SEO, website optimization/development, and social media marketing services. Its workforce has nearly tripled since it began operations in Harrisburg just a couple of years ago.

6. Murality

Source: murality.com.

Murality is an app for finding and sharing public art—users can locate masterpieces in their community, share them with friends, and build their own online collections by uploading public art found on the street.

5. WorkXpress

Source: workxpress.com.

WorkXpress develops business applications to help businesses thrive and connect with their users and customers. The company offers a suite of SaaS-based apps for increasing business productivity and streamlining operations.

4. Genea

Source: getgenea.com.

Genea develop tenant billing applications and other facilities management solutions. Its After Hours Control System (ACS) enables tenants to directly access to HVAC systems and lighting via desktop or smart device, and its Automated Meter Reading and Billing (AMRB) solution makes billing tenants for supplemental equipment a trivial affair.


Source: pledgeit.org.

PLEDGE IT has developed a cloud-based platform that helps athletes and sports teams raise money for charity. Global non-profit enterprises such as Ronald McDonald House, UNICEF, and the American Cancer Society are currently using the solution, among others.

2. VisiQuate

Source: visiquate.com.

Tapping into its deep healthcare experience, VisiQuate develops solutions that help enterprises improve financial and operational outcomes in areas such as claim denials, self-pay, and vendor performance.

1. Return Logic

Source: returnlogic.com.

Product returns and exchanges are unavoidable aspects of online retail operations—to help digital retailers improve the customer’s experience in this regard, Return Logic has developed an platform that helps to streamline return processes and reduce the cost of product returns.

In short, an increasing amount of innovative startups are making Pennsylvania’s capital city their home base; be sure to keep these 7 innovative Harrisburg-based tech ventures on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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