15 Cybersecurity Startups from France You Need to Know About in 2017

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A myriad of cybersecurity startups has emerged in recent years offering varied approaches to combating cyberthreats, including analyzing suspected attacks, automating responses, encrypting data to make its theft more difficult, and sorting through alerts triggered by other security platforms to help prioritize responses. With its vibrant tech culture, France has been on the forefront of these innovations, helping enterprises reduce expanding attack surfaces and avoid brand-damaging data breaches.

Needless to say, the need for more effective cybersecurity solutions is expanding across the globe—here are 15 promising French tech startups aimed at securing the digital landscape in 2017 and beyond.

15. Qirinus

Source: qirinus.com.

Headquarters: Lyon

Area: Cloud application and security management

Qirinus’ cybersecurity solution enables firms to model/secure their applications and deploy them in any public or private cloud. The startup is based on the the efforts of French research laboratories INRIA and ENS Lyon and a collaboration between industry leaders such as Alcatel Lucent, Nokia, Gemalto, Ikusi, and more.

14. Alsid.it

Source: alsid.it.

Headquarters: Paris

Area: Data security and vulnerability scanning as a service

Founded by security experts from ANSSI, a preeminent French cyberdefense authority, Alsid.it taps into its pedigree in dealing with advanced attack scenarios to help protect companies and their systems’ core against modern threats.

13. Datadome

Source: datadome.co.

Headquarters: Paris

Area: Online fraud protection

DataDome allows organizations to protect their online content against bots while monetizing their media sites through its Data Marketplace connecting content publishers and big data companies. The company recently raised €1 million from 50Partners to expand its footprint across France and Europe.

12. Cyberwatch

Source: cyberwatch.fr.

Headquarters: Paris

Area: Vulnerability patching and management

Cyberwatch was founded to provide small/medium companies with comprehensive yet cost-effective cyber protection for servers and IT assets—specifically, for patching existing security gaps and vulnerabilities. The company has been experiencing steady growth and has formed strategic alliances with multiple French institutions.

11. Gatewatcher

Source: gatewatcher.com.

Headquarters: Paris

Area: Intrusion/threat detection and prevention

Gatewatcher is built around Trackwatch, its technology for targeting abnormal behavior through dynamic analysis of weak signals from inside network flows. The solution’s unique approach allows it to adapt to polymorphic threats—in fact, Gatewatcher was awarded the France Cybersecurity Accreditation in Cyberdefence at the 2016  Forum International Cybersecurity.

10. Cypres

Source: http: cypres-security.fr.

Headquarters: Lyon

Area: Industrial cybersecurity systems

Cypres develops cybersecurity solutions for helping enterprises protect their industrial networks. The company is a consortium between FPC Ingénierie—an engineering company specializing in distributed control systems and automation—and Netceler, an expert in building innovative monitoring solutions for electrical networks, industry, and transport.

9. Acorus Networks

Source: acorus-networks.com.

Headquarters: Paris

Area: Anti-DDoS protection service

Acorus focuses on providing cybersecurity solutions for protecting against denial of service (DoS) attacks, primarily through two products: a comprehensive cloud offering for protecting websites/web applications, and a hardware appliance for easy integration into existing networks and physical data centers.

8. Akheros

Source: akheros.fr.

Headquarters: Paris

Area: Machine learning, cybersecurity, and forensics

Laureate of the 2013 Oseo, the French national innovation award, Akheros’ technology is based on patented autonomous learning algorithms that improve its detection capability and situational awareness over time. The solution does not require access to an external database of signatures, known threats, or healthy behaviors to identify cyber attacks.

7. Skeyecode

Source: skeyecode.com.

Headquarters: Paris

Area: Authentication systems, cryptography

Skeyecode has developed a technology that replaces hardware-based payment terminal security with a software-based solution. The company’s frictionless two-factor authentication (2FA) offering ensures that attackers aren’t able to compromise financial transactions, even in the presence of malware.

6. Cyber Test Systems

Source: cybertestsystems.com.

Headquarters: Courbevoie

Area: Cyber security training, penetration testing, security consulting services

Primarily a cybersecurity consultancy, Cyber Test Systems helps firms design/deploy scalable and secure network infrastructure and application infrastructures. Its clients include broadband and mobile service providers, system integrators, enterprises, and defense contractors. The company also provides specialized consultation services for DDoS protection.

5. Cryptosense

Source: cryptosense.com.

Headquarters: Paris

Area: Cryptography

Cryptosense develops cybersecurity and cryptography software for helping firms—particularly those in the financial industry—identify potential vulnerabilities in their infrastructures and applications. Its products include the PKCS#11 Security Suite for hardware-based security and Analyzer for evaluating the cryptographic security of applications.

4. iProtego

Source: iprotego.com.

Headquarters: Marseille, France

Area: Online Reputation Management and data privacy

iProtego is a leading provider of reputation management/protection solutions—the company provides e-reputation auditing services and search engine result page (SERP) sculpting for enterprises, as well as its Osculteo e-reputation tool for consumers.

3. CybelAngel

Source: cybelangel.com.

Headquarters: Paris

Area: Threat intelligence and cyber situational awareness

CybelAngel has developed a proprietary Big Data algorithm that enables it to detect threats on the deep and dark web. Data collected is automatically filtered and analyzed by a team of analysts—if deemed critical, alerts are quickly sent to customers for fast remediation.

2. Armature Technologies

Source: armaturetech.com.

Headquarters: Paris

Area: Penetration testing and intrusion detection

Armature helps organizations maintain business continuity, competitiveness, and flexibility of operations in the face of growing cyberattacks. The company specializes in intrusion testing, vulnerabililty assessment/auditing, security operations center (SoC) design consulting, and more.


Source: tehtris.com.

Headquarters: Bordeaux

Area: Offensive testing and audits, managed security services

TEHTRIS develops eGambit, a widely-used cybersecurity platform for protecting against internal and external threats. The product has already caught billions of security events worldwide since its launch in 2014.

In short, French tech startups are at the forefront of the global war against cyber crime, and these 15 companies are leading the charge—be sure to keep them on your radar in 2017 as they refine their cybersecurity offerings to protect firms against increasingly sophisticated attackers.



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