Top 7 Free or Inexpensive Apps for Music Notation

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Professional arrangers, songwriters, and transcribers may have the best tools on the market at their disposal to develop their works—but are expensive, sophisticated tools necessary in this day and age to create a masterpiece?Elaborate solutions certainly help streamline the creative process, and these days they no longer cost an arm and leg—here are our top 7 picks for the best free or inexpensive music notation software you can fire up whenever creativity strikes.

7. Scorio


Scorio’s intuitive music editor allows users to create/edit music notes in any web browser using their mouse and a virtual keyboard. Music can be accessed anywhere an internet connection is available and is shareable with the community at large.

6. Musink


Musink is a free notation software that features an easy-to-use interface, multiple options for exporting in different formats, and a nifty playback feature. The solution is available in Lite and Pro versions.

5. Flat


Flat enables users to write music in real time with fellow musicians—the platform uses the standard MusicXML format for easy import and exporting of work. Other notable features include orchestra creation with a variety of instruments.

4. Noteflight


Noteflight allows users to create, view/print, listen to and share their masterpieces from their desktop or mobile device. Users can also share their work with over 2 million members its online music community.

3. Musescore


Musescore allows users to not only transcribe the music they love, but also practice and share music for better performances and accompaniments. The app is available for iOS/Android and Amazon Kindle devices.

2. ScoreCloud


ScoreCloud’s notation software is like a Google Translate for music—the app lets users create musical scores instantly by plugging in their MIDI or audio-in instrument. The solution is available for PC/Mac desktops and iOS devices.

1. Finale Notepad


Finale’s Notepad is arguably one of the best known software applications for music notation—the tool allows users to create orchestrations of up to 8 staves and enter notes by clicking them into the staff or importing MIDI or Music XML files.

Simple yet powerful tools for the efficient creation musical masterpiece are all the rage these days—whether you’re a seasoned maestro or a bedroom hobbyist, these 7 free and inexpensive music notation packages will come in handy the next time you get a spark of musical inspiration.



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