11 Tech Startups from Manchester You Need to Know About in 2017

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London may be the home of a vast majority of U.K.-based startups, but the city of Manchester in northwest England is becoming a hotbed of tech innovation in its own right. On most nights of the week you can go out and stumble into a tech meetup or event; additionally, new workspaces like TechHub and the Sharp Project—as well as city’s Northern Quarter—are fast becoming active hubs of startup activity.

From market intelligence platforms for the real estate industry to home automation solutions, the following are 11 of Manchester’s best and brightest tech startups you need to be aware of in 2017 and beyond.

11. Peak

Source: peak.bi.

Peak is a Data Analytics-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform that uses AI and machine learning to acquire, integrate, analyze, and draw insights from any kind/size of data. Notable brands such as The Economist, AstraZeneca, Morrisons, and the University of Bath currently use the solution.

10. Tech Britain

Source: techbritain.com.

Tech Britain tracks and displays the startup communities in the U.K. with interactive visualizations and search functionality. The platform currently covers 32 major U.K. tech clusters.

9. Flyt

Source: flythq.com.

Flyt is an online booking platform for helicopter flights—users can search for highly-trained, certified pilots in its database of of trusted partner operators. Quotes can be compared and tickets booked securely from the website.

8. Nifty Drives

Source: bynifty.com.

Niftydrives is focused on developing extra storage memory for Macbooks in a compact form factor. Its Minidrives come in a 2GB SD card format up to to 64GB and can be installed in any unused SD slot.

7. Hiring Hub

Source: hiring-hub.com.

Hiring Hub is an online platform for recruitment agencies and employers to manage employment opportunities and job seekers. The platform connects hiring managers to the UK’s most active community of independent, specialist recruitment agencies.

6. Spectre

Source: spectre.uk.com.

Spectre is a SaaS-based market intelligence and canvassing tool for the real estate agency. The platform has already garnered a loyal following that includes many of the U.K.’s largest real estate firms.

5. Mara

Source: getmara.com.

Mara’s ecomerce marketing automation platform helps online retailers increase sales and conversion rates—users can track website visitor behavior, build customer profiles, deliver relevant/personalized marketing messages at the right time, and more.

4. Fanfare

Source: fanfare.cc.

Fanfare allows creatives and artists to develop mobile-first websites in seconds using existing content. The platform—currently in early access release—is focused on engaging fans and optimizing/monetizing their interactions.

3. DevCapsule

Source: devcapsule.com.

DevCapsule is a cloud hosting provider that allows customers to spin up virtual servers within seconds. The company currently covers Manchester—with more locations launching shortly.

2. Capsule

Source: capsulecrm.com.

Capsule’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform is a smart and simple alternative to more complex, expensive offerings like Salesforce.com. The solution integrates seamlessly with third party tools like Mailchimp, Xero, Twitter, and more.

1. Wondrwall

Source: wondrwall.co.uk.

Wondrwall’s home automation solution automatically controls heating, lighting security, and and home safety elements. The platform features a light switch running its own custom OS, 13 different sensors that monitor habitational patterns and the home’s overall efficiency/performance, and Amazon Alexa voice control integration.

In short, Manchester is a rising contender when it comes to leading tech startup hubs in the U.K. Be sure to keep these 11 leading innovators on your radar as they refine their products/services over the coming months and years.



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