Top 15 Tech Startups from Madrid You Need to Know About in 2017

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While Madrid is known primarily as a tourist city, the beautiful capital of Spain is more than famous museums, sunny weather, and world-class cuisine. These days, the city’s tech startup ecosystem is a bustling hub of innovation with growing prominence on the world stage.

Madrid’s booming tech industry is in full bloom—check out our list of 15 tech startups from Madrid you need to be aware of in 2017.

15. Stampery


Stampery is an authentication and certification platform that generates legally valid digital evidence: the technology utilizes the bitcoin blockchain when transferring documents and files of any kind. The solution removes the necessity of printing paper and relying on a notary or expensive third party.

14. Otogami


Otogami is an online platform that allows users to search for video games and compare their prices between different retailers and platforms. The solution has been designed to provide valuable gaming information not only to individual buyers, but also to e-commerce sites, video games studios, and publishers.

13. Jobandtalent


Jobandtalent is employment marketplace that uses a proprietary matching technology to pair qualified candidates with hiring managers and companies. The app uses a combination of messaging, in-app hiring, staffing and payroll options, and Big Data to cut down hiring lead time. The company currently has over 10 million registered users and 450,000 new users each month.

12. Tuenti


Tuenti used to be the largest social media website in Spain—so widely used that it was referred to by locals as “The Spanish Facebook.” The company has reinvented itself as a mobile operator and is experiencing market success in its current manifestation.

11. Teltoo


Teltoo uses peer-to-peer (P2P) technologies to improve online video delivery, saving organizations up to 80% of bandwidth costs associated with traditional Content Delivery Networks (CDN). The solution also integrates easily into broadcasters’ workflow and works in-brower, eliminating the need to install a plugin.

10. Abax Innovation Technologies S.L.


Abax Innovation Technologies S.L. specializes in the manufacturing, design, and development/innovation of 3D printers, both for personal and industrial, high-quality CNC machinery and 3D printing/design consultations and use cases. The company develops projects for healthcare, engineering, and educational fields.

9. Enzymlogic


Enzymlogic is focused on developing solutions in enzymology and protein science. The company caters to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries with the objective of developing drugs that are safer and more efficient.

8. Global Modern Development S.L.


Global Modern Development Solutions—or GMD Solutions for short—is an engineering firm specializing in integral designs that cover a wide arrange of areas, from electronics to energy efficiency. The company offers services in all phases of the product lifecycle, from design, prototyping, and testing to development and manufacturing.

7. Marsi Bionics S.L.


Marsi Bionics S.L. develops robotic systems to help users with special mobility needs. The company specializes in exoskeletons placed over the legs of people with partial or total lack of mobility, enabling them to walk.

6. Nyuron Synaptics S.L.


Nyuron Synaptics S.L. has developed a groundbreaking technology for predicting human behavior. The platform is an intelligent expert system that provides predictions of people’s behavior in different situations and contexts: education, consumer affairs, human resources, risk assessment, and many more with unprecedented accuracy.

5. SMiD Cloud


SMiD Cloud has developed a cybersecurity device called the SMiD: a small, plug-and-play hardware device that encrypts data in the cloud, ensuring 100% security and confidentiality, all the time. The device works with most popular cloud storage service providers.

4. Smile and Learn


Smile and Learn is the first educational and interactive smart library of games and stories. The solution is an “edutainment” platform with a search engine for finding the appropriate app in its expansive array of mobile and tablet offerings.

3. Drone Hopper


Drone Hopper designs drones to assist with the aerial extinguishing of wildfires and pest control/crop management farming use cases. Each unit can store 300 liters of water, can be modified extensively, and utilizes on-board sensors to locate the optimal points for payload release.

2. Mobusi


Mobusi is a mobile performance advertising agency for apps and mobile. Its aim is to help companies maximize revenue from media partners using its global coverage and optimization algorithms. The company currently focuses on the U.S., Spanish, and Mexican markets—though it has partners and users all over the world.

1. Tewer


Tewer develops solar technologies and solutions for use in automobile, railroad, and energy use cases and applications. Cobra, Acciona, and Ecoembes are some of its marquee customers, among others.

From biotech offerings and industrial drones to 3d printers and video streaming solutions, Madrid’s tech startups are among the most innovative in the world—poised to go head-to-head with the best and brightest from Silicon Valley. Be sure to keep them on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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