Top 11 Reasons Why Every Tech Entrepreneur Should Learn Python

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From data manipulation/cleansing and workflow automation to desktop software and game development, Python is the language of choice for many when it comes to these use cases, as well as countless others. For tech entrepreneurs, coding skills are optional—but if knowing enough to do some damage is your style, then this Swiss Army Knife of programming languages can’t be beat.

Companies like Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, and YouTube have chosen to use Python as their language of choice for a myriad of reasons—here are 11 of the top reasons why every tech entrepreneur should learn it.

11. Python is a general purpose language suitable for creating both basic tools and complex enterprise applications.

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Python is an efficient language for rudimentary purposes like creating UNIX command line tools—it can also be used to developer large-scale enterprise applications. Check out this list of notable Python success stories from the Python Foundation.

10. Python ideal for building prototypes and/or minimum viable products (MVPs).

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Few languages beat Python for getting projects off the ground quickly. Because the language is simple to read and work with, many tech startup founders find it ideal for prototyping and building proof-of-concepts.

9. You can’t beat Python for big data management.

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Chances are your social and/or mobile offering will incorporate big data and require  the processing of large volumes of information. Python is an exceptional language for data mining and big data management, commonly used in conjunction with MongoDB and Hadoop.

8. Python is a simple to learn with no complex requirements.

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Python was designed from the ground up for novices. It requires fewer lines of code for basic tasks—3-5 times shorter than Java, and 5-10 times shorter than C++—and eliminates cumbersome brackets and variable declarations, using white spaces and common expressions instead.

7. Python is easy to read and understand.

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As a tech startup entrepreneur, you may or may not decide to roll your sleeves up and start coding. Whatever the case may be, readability will allow you to quickly extract meaning from the codebase on-the-fly, without knowing the specifics.

6. Python is fun to learn and use.

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Still cringing at the thought of your high school or college Java courses? Out of all the languages, Python comes the closest to being enjoyable to learn and use—even for technophobes.

5. Python is free—and always will be.

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Python and its expansive set of supporting modules, tools, and libraries are completely free. Popular integrated development environments (IDEs) such as Pydev with Eclipse, PTVS, and Spyder Python are also available for free download.

4. Python is the perfect starter language for your programming toolkit.

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Python is ideal for building rudimentary programming skills before moving on to more difficult languages. Like C++/C# and Ruby, the language is object-oriented with all the common features of the paradigm.

3. Adopting Python makes it easier to hire qualified talent.

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Python is highly popular in academia and is usually taught at the college/university level. This makes it one of the best languages to hire for when seeking qualified engineering candidates.

2. The largest internet company in the world is a Python shop.

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Python is Google’s preferred language and many of the company’s offerings and tools were developed with it in mind. For startups using/integrating with Google Apps and Google’s cloud services, Python is a safe bet for optimal integration capabilities.

1. A great community and expansive following of supporters.

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Few open source communities are as devoted and expansive as Python’s. Millions of developers and supports work on a daily basis to improve the language’s features and core functionality—additionally, support with a variety of issues can be easily found online.

These are just a few reasons why tech entrepreneurs in particular will benefit from learning the Python programming language. Check out our Python Crash Course to master the basics of the language today, in less than a day.



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