Top 7 Social Enterprises from Brazil you Need to Know About in 2017

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Brazil currently faces a series of daunting challenges such as deep inequality, extreme poverty, harsh work schedules, and the lack of basic services for a good majority of the population, among others. To overcome these roadblocks, social entrepreneurship initiatives have in recent years begun to emerge, incorporating business models that focus on people, not profit.

It’s a growing movement in Brazil, but one that promises to make impactful change by inspiring local businesses to work for the greater good. Here are the top 7 Brazilian social enterprises you need to know about in 2017.

7. i9acess


i9access aims to democratize healthcare for every citizen, regardless of locale—the company uses bridging technology that enables access to quality healthcare in remote/distant locations. Its award-winning telemedicine platform includes features like a chronic patient monitoring system and an electrocardiogram manager.

6. Artemisia


Artemisia is a renowned organization that helps new businesses with social endeavors achieve their goals. Fifty-nine startups focused on education, health, financial services, and housing have been accelerated thus far.

5. Rede Asta


Rede Asta is a social enterprise that aims to support local artisan women in promoting/selling their crafts and goods, primarily through training programs and a production and sales network. The organization currently operates in ten Brazilian states.

4. Epitrack


Epitrack has developed a collaborative platform for monitoring/tracking and preventing epidemics. The app allows users to report symptoms, monitor local health conditions, get health tips, and more. The company recently received an award for assisting with the local Zika virus outbreak and Chikungunya.

3. Sitawi


SITAWI is a social enterprise that aims to mobilize capital for positive social and environmental impact. Some of their services include philanthropic funds management, socio-environmental loans and social impact bonds (SIB), sustainable finance/consulting, and more.

2. Sebrae


Sebrae provides business support services to Brazilian micro/small businesses. The organization aims to foster entrepreneurship and provide guidance to help them grow their businesses, in turn creating jobs and spurring growth in the Brazilian economy.

1. 4YOU2


4YOU2 is dedicated to bringing high-quality English/foreign language instruction to underprivileged Brazilians. The platform features an expansive network of instructors from across the globe.

In short, these 7 Brazilian social enterprises are making a lasting, positive social impact by driving their altruistic initiatives with business savvy and revenue-generating innovation—be sure to track their successes in the coming months and years.



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