Top 15 Tech Startups from Cairo to Watch Out For in 2017

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2017 kicked off with a record number of startup launches around the world—this year, Middle Eastern and African startups have taken the lead in terms of technical and business innovation. Promising Egyptian ventures in particular have been making a name for themselves on the global stage, with most situated in and around the nation’s capital and largest city, Cairo.

From elearning platforms to tutors and baby sitters on-demand, here are 15 promising tech startups from Egypt’s capital to look out for this year.

15. Tripdizer


Tripdizer is the ideal platform for Egyptian youth looking for budget vacation/travel packages—the platform offers travel information/advice, trip budgeting tools, and more. The company has been featured in various Egyptian media outlets like Al Watan News, Nougoum FM, and El Shourouk News.

14. Fixawy


Fixawy is an app for hiring household service providers and craftsmen easily with a few taps. The offering includes specialties such as electricity, plumbing, and carpentry, and currently has over 100 handymen in their network and more than 5,000 customers using the service.

13. Rakna


Cairo is known for its challenging traffic and driving conditions—Rakna aims to help reduce stress and wasted time in this regard: the app provides a secure valet service that will pick up/park and drive your car to you, on demand and in less than 15 minutes.



Over 60,000 Egyptian children with autism suffer from the lack of services or limitations due to restrictive costs. This online service provides parents of autistic children with resources for understand their children’s needs and improving their skills using a certified international curriculum and videos.

11. Careem


Careem’s safe and reliable limo service has become a popular transportation option for Egyptians. Users simply select their location and destination and a ride is dispatched for pickup in less than 20 seconds.

10. Tyro


Tyro is like a matchmaking service for tutors and learners—the platform focuses on skill-based training, providing users with lessons of all kinds, from Spanish language and business to math and programming. The company recently won the Techne Summit in Alexandria.

9. Nafham


Nafham is an elearning platform that offer official national curriculum educational videos for 1st to 12th grade students. The service currently has over half a million visitors per month and over 20,000 videos.

8. Fawry


Fawry is an Egyptian pioneer in electronic payments. Its service, accessible from over 60,000 locations in 300 cities (e.g., ATMs, retail shops, post offices, vendor kiosks)—allows users to pay their electricity, internet, mobile phone bills with a few clicks.

7. Vezeeta


Vezeeta is a healthcare appointment booking platform for finding medical professionals with different specialties—including dentistry. The solution currently includes over 2,000 doctors covering more than 30 specialties.

6. Wuzzuf


Wuzzuf is a job recruitment platform for matching qualified candidates with employers in Egypt’s 8 major cities: Cairo, Alexandria, Giza, Dokki, Heliopolis, Nasr City, Maadi, and Zamalek. To date, more than 5,000 companies have recruited over 60,000 individuals through the site.

5. Yaoota


Yaoota is a comparison engine and shopping platform that compares prices between thousands of products from hundreds stores in Egypt (e.g., Souq, Jumia, Tradeline). Customers can browse over 400,000 items available for purchase, from home appliances and computers to men/women’s fashion and baby gear.

4. Orcas


Formerly known as CairoSitters, Orcas provides high quality babysitting and tutoring services to Egyptian parents—all with just a few taps of its mobile app. The startups was founded by three graduates of Cairo’s Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule (DEO) with a round of angel funding from Kamelizer.

3. Edfa3ly


Recent economic challenges and currency issues have made it difficult for Egyptians to exchange currency and make purchases from abroad. Edfa3ly allows Egyptian consumers to shop online from any online stores outside Egypt (UK/USA/UAE)—the company allows customers to use a non-U.S. location for the shipping address as well as pay with Egyptian currency.

2. Supermama


Maternity is a life changing and arduous affair—to help new mothers along in their journey, Supermama provides resources such as pregnancy guides, childbirth/post-childbirth information, and breastfeeding tips, among others.

1. Otlob


Otlob is Egypt’s preeminent online food ordering service—the platform connects users with both local restaurants and international chains. The service accepts payment securely online or via cash on delivery.

Despite the country’s socio-political and economic challenges, Cairo-based startups have continued to flourish and innovate—these 15 tech ventures are just a few of the promising upstarts based in the nation’s capital. Be sure to keep them on your radar as they refine their products/services and expand to other markets in the coming months and years.



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