11 Tech Startups from Casablanca You Need to Know About in 2017

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Tech innovation is sweeping the globe—even developing nations are rising to the challenge with local startups aimed at solving regional issues and satisfying regional consumer demands. This is especially true of Morocco, a Northern African country still coming to grips with longstanding economic and social challenges.Most of the nation’s leading tech startups have made the capital city their home base, and many are already well-known Morocco and greater Africa—here the top 11 tech startups from Casablanca you need to know about in 2017.

11. Ivendi

Source: ivendi.ma.

Ivendi’s real estate platform helps buyers locate and buy properties without having to go through intermediaries. For sellers, the service helps with taking professional photos, creating virtual tours/3D plans, and creating price estimates—ads are displayed on Ivendi.ma and over 20 specialized websites in Morocco and abroad.

10. Sheaply

Source: sheaply.com.

Sheaply allows users to ship and receive packages via crowdsourced luggage space—users can beat expensive shipping costs by renting space in a traveler’s luggage; alternatively, the service also connects online shoppers to travelers willing to purchase and ship items on their behalf.

9. Linkry

Source: linkry.co.

Inspired by Tinder, Linkry is a geolocation-based app that allows users to discover other professionals in the vicinity. The service utilizes Linkedin information to match profiles based on similar characteristics and interests.

8. Lik

Source: lik-app.com.

Lik’s social app allows users to earn free phone credits by watching video ads, liking pages, sharing content, and answering survey questions. The startup currently boasts over half a million users on its platform.

7. Airmote

Source: airmote.co.

Airmote is a smart device that alleviates the common ailment of misplaced keys and mobile phones: with just a click, the attractive keychain causes the user’s phone to vibrate and/or ring; similarly, the app can be used to remotely trigger the keychain. The solution can also be used to take selfies

6. SpotAngels

Source: spotangels.com.

Based in both Casablanca and San Francisco, SpotAngels helps users avoid parking tickets by automatically noting where they are parked and sending them notifications prior to violations (e.g., street cleaning, posted hours) occurring.

5. Allo-oustad

Source: allo-oustad.ma.

Allo-oustad is a platform that offers virtual classes taught by seasoned educators to middle and high school students. All instructors are trained and recruited as full-time employees of the company.

4. Annajah

Source: annajah.ma.

The first of its kind in Morocco, Annajah is an elearning platform that boasts more than 60,000 students registered yearly. The company is a Samsung educational partner and the app is preloaded on every Samsung tablet in Morocco.

3. GoMobile

Source: gomobile.ma.

Last year, GoMobile took the highest honors at the World Startup Cup in Washington—the company aims to provide internet connectivity to users restricted by physical limitations, lack/absence of data coverage, or illiteracy.

2. DabaDoc

Source: dabadoc.com.

DabaDoc’s facilitates the process of finding the right doctor—the platform allows users to search for the right healthcare professional and book an appointment immediately, all through the same streamlined interface. The service currently covers Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

1. Eko Geste

Source: ekogeste.com.

Eko Geste is a collaborative platform and app that enables citizens to request pickup of recyclables such as paper, plastic, aluminum, glass, and used oil. The venture has won numerous prizes including the 2017 Global Cleantech Innovation Award, conferred by Cleantech Open.

As you can see, Casablanca’s tech startups are blazing a path on the global stage for North Africa’s innovators—be sure to keep these 11 promising upstarts on your radar as they refine their products/services in the coming months and years.



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