13 Tech Startups from Asheville You Need to Know About in 2017

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Asheville, North Carolina is anything but your sleepy mountain town. Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the city is home to more than a vast collection of unique breweries, artesian restaurants, and quirky shops—as well as a myriad of exceptional tech startups.

Despite being only the 11th largest city in North Carolina, Ashville and its startups continue to produce innovative offerings that are making waves nationally and globally. Here are 13 you need to know about in 2017 and beyond.

13. FernLeaf Interactive

Source: fernleafinteractive.com.

Asheville is an eco-friendly city and the equally eco-friendly FernLeaf Interactive company explores “climate resilience software solutions” for companies. Combining advanced 3D analysis with an interactive software platform, FernLeaf helps companies minimize their carbon footprint in a straightforward, comprehensive manner.

12. Appalatch

Source: appalatch.com.

Appalatch boasts unprecedented manufacturing efficiency and environmental friendliness in creating its made-to-order products. Using materials gathered strictly from North Carolina, the company produces high quality clothing in a matter of hours. Customers place orders online to have beautifully crafted sweaters delivered straight to their doors.

11. RISC Networks

Source: cloudscape.riscnetworks.com.

Data analysis becomes simpler with CloudScape—RISC Network’s solution for solving complex problems and planning strategic business projects. The company focuses on developing new approaches for IT businesses and making new tools/programs easily accessible.

10. Devoted Human

Source: devotedhuman.com.

Devoted Human is like Etsy for pets: the website offers handcrafted and custom-made products for cats, dogs, and owners. Pet lovers can purchase an array of unique items not found anywhere else, from beautiful dog houses to pottery mugs with hand-stamped paw prints.

9. Antenna

Source: site.antenna.is.

Antenna’s platform connects consumers with publishers and retailers for sharing/disseminating customer feedback. Users can offer feedback and opinions on various products; companies use the information to increase sales, monetize content, adjust pitches, and build loyalty.

8. Soomo Learning

Source: soomolearning.com.

Soomo Learning offers a series of interactive textbooks coupled with resources such as videos, polls, and related hyperlinks. The solution is accessible on any device and automatically asks students questions every few minutes to enhance the active learning process.

7. Parsley

Source: getparsley.io.

Keeping track of supplies, resources, and other operational data can be a frustrating endeavor for restaurateurs—Parsley aims to eliminate these pains with easy-to-use solutions created by/designed for “restaurant people.” For example, its SimpleHost platform connects restaurant hosts to customers via text messages.

6. Pro(Tech)T

Source: protechtbusiness.wixsite.com.

To mitigate sexual assault incidents on college/university campuses, Pro(Tech) is developing a safety device to assist users in jeopardy. The Iuvo wearable is worn on the wrist—with the push of a button, the user’s location is immediately transmitted to campus police.

5. TroopScore

Source: troopscore.com.

TroopScore is a vet-to-vet ratings and reviews platform—the solution enables veterans and their families their manage healthcare, benefits, and educational resources. To date, the company nationally lists every U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs facility, as well as over 45,000 organizations and non-profits that provide services to vets. Other notable resources include colleges and universities, online technical training programs, and more.

4. BrewStream

Source: brewstream.net.

Asheville is third behind Portland, Maine and Boulder, Colorado for number of microbreweries per 100,000 inhabitants in the U.S.—tapping into this local specialty, BrewStream has developed an online software platform geared for the brewing industry. The solution simplifies the data collection of beers brewed and ensures all information is stored and accessible.

3. Anthroware

Source: anthroware.com.

Anthroware is a software development shop consisting of designers, developers, and engineers working together to create unique solutions for clients. The company’s Coeo app helps identify/connect with appropriate contacts in the vicinity during networking events

2. Brightfield

Source: brightfieldts.com.

Electric cars are all the rage these days—Brightfield develops solar panel-based charging stations for business-to-business clients. Offerings range from single, dual charging stations to ten-paneled stations for larger operations.

1. dmarcian

Source: dmarcian.com.

Email has never been safer, thanks to domain-based message authentication, reporting and conformance (DMARC). dmarcian makes it easy to deploy DMARC for detecting and preventing email spoofing.

From personal safety devices for on-campus college students to data analysis and management platforms for the restaurant industry, these 13 companies are putting Ashville on the tech innovation map—be sure to keep your eye on them in 2017.



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