Top 13 Tech Startups from Hamburg You Need to Know About in 2017

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Despite Berlin’s global reputation as a leading tech startup hub, Germany’s second largest city is fast becoming a center of Northern European innovation in its own right. In fact, Hamburg has seen the founding of over 400 new startups just in the past three years.Tech giants like Google and Facebook have already established their presence in the hip, forward-thinking city—from mobile solutions for alleviating tinnitus to devices for detecting toxic compounds in the air, the following are the top 13 tech startups from Hamburg you need to know about in 2017.

13. Figo


One of city’s tech high flyers is Figo, the first banking service provider in Europe. The company offers banking as a service through its XS2A enablement capabilities and banking API, enabling them to quickly connect to over 3100 financial institutions and resources.

12. Baqend

Source: recently revealed that 100 milliseconds lost during page load reduces revenues by 1%. As its name implies, Baqend provides a backend as a service platform that enables customers’ pages to load pages 2,5 times faster than comparable platforms.

11. Tinnitracks


Tinnitracks lets users set up their own music for treating tinnitus. By tapping into the human brain’s inherent lifelong ability to adapt—also known as neuroplasticity—the app targets the cause of tinnitus in the brain instead of simply managing symptoms with  therapy.

10. Sponsoo


Sponsoo is Europe’s biggest marketplace for sports sponsoring. Athletes and clubs from all types of sports can use the platform to connect with sponsors; companies in turn  have access advertising opportunities (e.g., billboards, team jerseys) via 6,000 sponsored sports teams.

9. Floatility


Developed in conjunction with BASF, Floatility offers a green approach for short distance transportation: the eFloater electric scooter. The vehicle reaches speeds of up to 13 miles per hour and is already a big hit in Singapore.

8. Myprintoo


Myprintoo is the preeminent authority in 3D printing—backed by architects and designers, the company specializes in prototypes or small job series, as well as models for competitions. It also offers corporate 3D printing courses and workshops for private users.

7. bentekk


bentekk has developed a portable device for detecting toxic compounds in the air based on multi-capillary gas chromatography and photo ionization detection. Popular use cases include oil, gas, and chemical industry applications.

6.  SpiceVR


SpiceVR offers a glimpse into the future of virtual reality (VR) with its Spherie drone for VR filming. The solution is already being used by tv stations, car manufacturers, and other tech heavyweights from Silicon Valley.

5. DZ-4


DZ-4 is Germany’s first decentralized supplier of electric energy—the startup enables homeowners to rent their solar panels for a certain time/price. The unprecedented offering saves potential solar users from expensive upfront hardware expenditures as well as the ongoing rise of energy costs.

4. Nüwiel


Nüwiel’s offering is deceptively simple—at first glance, the solution resembles a standard bicycle trailer. However, the sophisticated technology reveals itself once in motion: with a simple click/attachment, the trailer accelerates, decelerates, and brakes autonomously in line with the rider..

3. Retrobrain


Retrobrain is the developer of Memore: a therapeutic, motion-controlled video game for helping Alzheimer’s patients with therapy and treatment. The solution is currently being used in several of Hamburg’s retirement and nursing homes.

2. Cybus


Cybus has developed a platform for the industrial internet as a service—the company’s goal is to reduce the time, cost, and risks associated with industrial internet projects. It provides a secure connection service and modern, semantic API for enabling a common platform across devices, even those using legacy protocols.

1. Finanzcheck


With a growth rate north of 100% yearly, Finanzcheck is the fastest growing finance and banking portal in Germany. The platform allows users to compare different bank services and identify which credit offerings best suite their needs.

In short, the new tech players from this picturesque port city in northern Germany are giving Berlin startups—and even those in Silicon Valley—a good run for their money. Be sure to keep these 13 promising upstarts from Hamburg on your radar for 2017 and beyond.



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