13 Tech Startups from Perth You Need to Know About in 2017

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The Perth startup scene is showing no signs of slowdown in 2017, evident by the rising number of emerging founders and overall increase in entrepreneurial activity and interest. With more and more accelerator programs such as Plus Eight—the brainchild of Telstra’s muru-D and Spacecubed—being launched to support new innovative ventures, there has never been a better time for local tech entrepreneurs.

From data analytics platforms to safe social networking solutions for kids, here are 13 startups from Perth to watch out for in 2017.

13. Mithrl

Source: mithrl.com.

Veri.vote initially specialized in blockchain technology for creating transparent, secure, and anonymous electronic voting systems for powering democratic processes such as voting/elections. Now rebranded as Mithrl, the startup currently focuses on developing a blockchain-based platform for securing and validating enterprise applications mathematically.

12. Everythere

Source: everythere.com.au.

Everythere offers a mobile app/guide for tourists, adventure seekers, and locals who wish to explore their surroundings more effectively. The solution weaves digital elements with real-world locations to allow users to discover the most interesting places around them.

11. The Upstart Academy

Source: upstartacademy.co.

Previously known as Prevyou, The Upstart Academy offers a web-based platform that matches businesses with students who are seeking paid project/freelance-based work and internships. The solution gives students the opportunity to gain on-the-job experience and build lasting professional connections early in their careers.

10. Filtered

Source: filteredhq.com.

Filtered’s intelligence platform gives business leaders and executives the necessary insights for strategic, executive and board level decision makers to track technology and business models. The solution is being used by stakeholders from product managers to CXOs to spot the latest insurance threats, opportunities and trends.

9. Jurimetrics

Source: jurimetrics.com.au.

Jurimetrics’ data analytics platform allows firms to effectively comprehend and price legal/government risk and to make better overall business decisions. In use by law firms, financial institutions, and other enterprises, the solution cuts through the noise generated by thousands of legal and regulatory decisions published on a daily basis.

8. Immersia VR

Source: immersia.com.au.

Immersia develops VR-based products and solutions for enterprise use cases. Various multinational clients have relied on the firm to build custom, cutting-edge immersive (i.e. augmented and virtual reality) experiences.

7. Stuck

Source: stuck.com.au.

Stuck offers a mobile app and service that dispatches local automotive experts to assist users in roadside emergencies. Using it, drivers can save a premium on annual insurance-style roadside assistance memberships.

6. Busybot

Source: busybotapp.com.
Source: busybotapp.com.

Designed to work with the popular team communication/collaboration app Slack, Busybot allows managers to quickly assign tasks to team members and manage projects. Users receive automatic reminders when tasks are due or when somebody has assigned them a task.

5. Cultured Cities

Source: cultured-cities.com.

Cultured Cities enables young people to discover information regarding their cities based on recommendations from students. Through the use of social media metrics, the platform highlights the most popular and inexpensive offerings in real-time.

4. KodaChat

Source: kodachat.com.

KodaChat enables parents to mentor and proactively manage their children’s entry into the world of social media. The social messaging platform creates connections between kids and their friends/family and allows parents to guide and protect their children in a safer digital environment.

3. SpacetoCo

Source: spacetoco.com.

If you’re looking for a Yoga session space or recording studio for short-term rental, SpacetoCo may be for you—the solution is a space sharing platform that encourages private citizens in local area economies to make the most of their space–think AirBnB or Uber but for space sharing.

2. HealthEngine

Source: healthengine.com.au.

HealthEngine is an online healthcare services marketplace that allows users to find and book health appointments online at their convenience. The company’s goal is to improve access to healthcare for all Australians.

1. Soter Analytics

Source: soteranalytics.com.

Soter Analytics has developed a connected health system that analyzes data from wearable devices worn by industrial workers to improve on-the-job efficiencies and reduce the risk of injuries. The solution enables firms to reduce the impact of injuries by ​$7,000 per employee annually.

Perth startups are set to benefit from a wealth of incoming expertise as tech veterans join local accelerator programs to foster continued interest in Western Australia’s tech startups. Be sure to keep these 13 on your radar in 2017 and beyond.



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