13 Tech Startups from Raleigh You Need to Know About in 2017

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Innovation is blooming in eastern North Carolina—with a high concentration of tech ventures in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, the region has become a global leader in producing startups that make life easier and more manageable for businesses and consumers alike.

The city of Raleigh in particular is a hotbed of tech startup innovation; here are 13 tech startups from the City of Oaks you need to know about in 2017.

13. BrewPublik

Source: brewpublik.com.

BrewPublik’s beer on-demand platform delivers beer to customers’ doorsteps based on their tastes/preferences and thirst level—depending on the plan, 6, 12, or 24 beer selections arrive monthly consisting of various flavors from over 3,000 varieties. The company currently delivers to the Charlotte and Raleigh areas, with more locations forthcoming.

12. Surprise

Source: surpriseme.io.

Surprise’s employee rewards platform uses behavioral economics to drive employee appreciation efforts. Using the solution, organizations can more effectively delight and show their appreciation to workers.

11. Savii Care

Source: saviicare.com.

Savii Care’s Connect platform was designed to streamline home/healthcare provider operations, covering areas such as billing and payroll, scheduling and visit coordination, and client care. The monthly subscription fee starts at $12 per active client per month; volume pricing is available for large organizations.

10. Stealz

Source: getstealz.com.

Stealz has developed an innovative customer feedback technology for helping brands boost and maintain their customer service reputations. The solution is being used by major brands like McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, and Applebee’s, to name a few.

9. Contract Hound

Source: contracthound.com.

ContractHound is simple and secure contract management—the app allows SMBs to easily manage vendor and customer contracts in one place. Notable features include renewal alerts, team collaboration features, key data tracking, approval workflows, and more.

8. Sweeps

Source: sweeps.jobs.

Currently available near campuses in North Carolina, Sweeps is a platform that connects college students with individuals and families who need help with various tasks, including moving, events, and tech work. Each so-called “sweeper” is pre-vetted and insured to ensure maximum safety and quality of service.

7. BruVue

Source: beer-tab.com.

BruVue tracks beer sold on tap in real-time—by utilizing a sensor installed on the tap handle and accompanying app, the solution is able to display real-time inventory levels/sales trends and detect loss patterns.

6. BernieSez

Source: berniesez.com.

BernieSez is a web and iOS/Android app for dealing with traffic tickets—users upload their tickets and traffic lawyers bid for cases to defend. The solution also allows users to view and leave comments/reviews for lawyers, access court records, and more.

5. Lexercise

Source: lexercise.com.

Lexercise’s offering combines weekly webcam sessions and online activities to help children overcome dyslexia. The company makes a bold guarantee: the platform will help the customer’s child improve a whole grade level within two months—otherwise, the third month is free.

4. tapsBook

Source: tapsbook.com.

tapsBook makes photo-sharing a breeze with its cloud-based photobook creation app. The offering is available exclusively for iOS devices.

3. Neatso

Source: neatso.com.

Available as both a mobile app and web offering, Neatso connects customers with professional, background-checked cleaners for the home or office. The service currently covers the Raleigh-Chapel Hill-Durham.

2. Offline

Source: get-offline.com.

Offline is a mobile app for finding curated events and things to do in a given city—the solution provides users with instant access to the city’s best events and locales, curated daily. The solution currently works in Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, and Nashville.

1. Allstacks

Source: allstacks.com.

Managing today’s software development efforts can be an arduous task—Allstacks has developed a predictive analytics platform that delivers meaningful metrics to program/engineering management, enabling them to get a better handle on software projects.

In short, Raleigh’s growing startup community is one to be reckoned with—many of its tech ventures have already achieved successes on the international stage. Be sure to keep an eye on these innovators in 2017 and beyond.



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