15 Tech Startups from Hong Kong You Need to Know About in 2017

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Hong Kong tech startups are leading the charge when it comes to global innovation—
and the city’s entrepreneurs aren’t letting up in 2017. This year, a myriad of exceptionally creative and forward-thinking ventures are taking the stage, from wearables for musicians to advanced on-grid power storage systems.

The following are the top 15 tech startups from Hong Kong you need to be aware of in 2017 and beyond.

15. Prenetics

Source: prenetics.com.

Prenetics’ solution consists of a home test kit and accompanying app for personal DNA analysis—with just a small saliva sample, users can get critical health information based on their genetics: dietary guidelines, drug responses, disease/cancer risk, and more.

14. Ampd Energy

Source: ampd.energy.
Ampd has developed an advanced on-grid energy storage system that enables firms to maintain business continuity in the event of blackouts and grid overloads—without having to rely on lead acid batteries or diesel-driven generators.

13. Soundbrenner Limited

Source: soundbrenner.com.
Source: soundbrenner.com.

Soundbrenner’s Pulse is a solution designed to help musicians master rhythm and tempo more effectively. The wearable smart metronome’s vibrations—paired with its mobile app—enables users monitor beats tactiley, as opposed to by ear.

12. The CareVoice

Source: thecarevoice.com.

The CareVoice’s social app allows patients to leave reviews and provide personal feedback regarding healthcare services—doctors, hospitals, treatments, and more. Not only do users get unbiased information for making informed decisions, but healthcare providers can also use the platform to improve their services for future patients.

11. Spottly

Source: spottly.com.

Spottly is a travel app that allows users to manage and share their travel experiences with other fellow travelers. The app supports 14 languages and features over 28,000 destinations in 125 countries.

10. Talkpush

Source: talkpush.com.

Talkpush’s recruitment platform centers around Stanley, the first ever Facebook chatbot focused on recruiting. The solution gathers candidates’ interview responses and enables recruiters to compare responses across interviewees.

9. Rocco

Source: rocco.ai.

Rocco is a social media marketing assistant for use with the popular messaging platform Slack. The solution can post/submit content automatically to all the social media networks—all from within the chat interface.

8. Valoot

Source: valoot.com.

International credit card users are often at the mercy of banks when it comes to converting currency on the back end—and are usually stuck with significant conversion costs and fees. Valoot’s solution allows users to pay in their home currency at ultra-competitive rates based on current foreign exchange (FX) data.

7. Oddup

Source: oddup.com.

Oddup’s competitive research platform for startups features company ratings, investment information, potential high ROI, and more. The platform currently boasts over 50,000 users.

6. clim8

Source: myclim8.com.

Clim8 develops smart thermal clothing capable of monitoring and regulating the wearer’s skin temperature. The solution allows users to regulate their body temperature during any number of activities, in any type of weather.

5. Orii

Source: orii.io.

Orii has developed the world’s first AI-powered voice smart ring that essentially transforms the user’s finger into a smartphone. The offering consists of a ring that merges bone conduction technology with the voice assistant of the user’s smartphone.

4. Brainsfeed

Source: brainsfeed.com.

Brainsfeed’s feedback platform provides entrepreneurs with the critical insights for driving strategic intelligence and reputation monitoring/management. The solution combines machine learning and artificial intelligence with crowdsourced data to help firms get a better grasp on their online marketing efforts.


Source: unitraka.com.

UniTRAKA’s GPS tracking device allows users to keep tabs on items and people—anywhere they are in the world. The device is pay-as-you-go and works without a SIM card, roaming charges, or a monthly fee.

2. Easysmile

Source: goeasysmile.com.

Easysmile develops competitively-priced invisible dental aligners that replace traditional metal braces. The solution both whitens the wearer’s teeth and straightens them in 3-10 months.

1. Groking Lab Limited / Ozmo

Source: ozmo.io.

Dehydration is a serious condition that most people tend to overlook or neglect; Groking Lab’s Ozmo Smart Cup and Water App allows users to monitor their daily water consumption for ensuring optimal hydration levels.

As you can see, Hong Kong’s tech startups are blazing the path with their innovative products and services—many of which are poised to go head-to-head with the best and brightest from Silicon Valley. Be sure to keep these 15 upstarts in your sights in 2017 and beyond.



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